Is Paracetamol Safe For Dogs?– Dog Pain Relief

Can I give my dog paracetamol for pain? Is paracetamol safe to relieve pain in dogs? – Well if it is not, what can I give my dog for pain? – This article will discuss all the possible side effects of paracetamol in dogs and what you should know.

Most human beings would always prefer taking painkillers before going to the hospital. Therefore, most pet guardians would try carrying on with the same procedures on their pet’s body.

However, do not, in any case, provide your pet with medication without consulting a professional vet for guideline.

In addition, never assume that same medication used by human beings can be given to your canine friend for pain relief. Several medications for a human being can lead to serious consequences when given to a canine friend.

Is it Safe to Give Paracetamol to Your Dog?

An obvious answer to this kind of question is no. As its pet parent, such medicines are beneficial to you but won’t work in the same way on your four-legged friends.

It does not kill instantly but what’s contained in them is toxic and harmful when it accumulates in your dog’s body.

In a situation whereby your canine friend is in pain consultation from your veteran is always the right decision to make. A pet that is suffering from slight fever can be given aspirin instead of paracetamol. Always follow instructions as given to you by the veteran.

What is Paracetamol?

Paracetamol is a popular type of medicine that is mostly taken to help in relieving pain. In most cases, it is used by human beings and is said to work perfectly well, though some pet parents would always think of giving the same medication to their pet to help in relieving it from pain.

The truth is that even if paracetamol drugs are helpful in relieving pain in humans it won’t perform the same function on your canine friend. Pain relievers that are meant for human beings turn to be fatal in its body.

Such drugs should only be provided to humans since they contain active ingredients like acetaminophen that relieves pains. This component is known to be poisonous in your dog’s system.

How Does Paracetamol Affect Your Dog?

Normally there is no veteran that would actually prescribe paracetamol medications for your pet as its medication. There is an enzyme known as glucuronyl that is present in the human’s body which helps in assimilating the drug.

When it comes to your canine friend it unable to releasing such an enzyme in its body thus offering paracetamol won’t be of help in its system instead it causes accumulation of toxic substances in its system.

Therefore offering such type of drug in its system could defiantly cause damage to its liver since it has to perform a lot of work for paracetamol to be assimilated. This activity could end up causing problems to internal body parts of your canine friend.

Before trying any medication that helps in relieving pain on your pet’s body make sure that you get approval from a veteran. There are other kinds of drugs similar to paracetamol but they do not cause any damage in your pet’s system.

Before offering any form of medication for your pet’s ailment be sure of the side effects of the product.

What Are The Side Effects of Paracetamol in Dogs?

Harmful side effects of this type of drugs do not show up all over sudden. When you provide your pet with the drug they accumulate in its system causing damage of its liver together with its kidney.

Below are different symptoms that show up all over sudden or after a long period of time they include:

  1. If paracetamol is given in excess leads to symptoms such as drooling, vomiting, confusion, seizures, lack of confusion, black poop and gum discoloration.
  2. When this medicine has been given in plenty it makes its liver to overwork itself thus causing internal problems to certain parts of your dog’s system.
  3. In addition, toxic substances always accumulate in their body that can eventually lead to death, this substance is referred to as methemoglobin.

Among the symptoms mentioned above, they would be observed in your pet a few hours after being given paracetamol medication.

They are always seen after getting into your dog’s bloodstream hence affecting its entire body system. Make a trip to your veteran for proper body diagnosis of your pet to be done.

If it could have swallowed it wrongly consider seeking help from your veteran before encountering fatal problems. A veteran would induce vomiting to your pet which can only be carried out three hours of paracetamol consumption.

If three hours have already passed the treatment process can actually be carried out to prevent its kidney and its intestine from being damaged.

Dosage of paracetamol for Your Dog

It’s very rare for a vet to prescribe paracetamol medication to your pet.this type of medication is always meant for human consumption. However, in certain cases, your vet would suggest the use of formulated paracetamol for use.

These drugs are given under strict instructions, its dosage should only be given as suggested by your vet. You should not use an overdose or underdoes of such sensitive drugs in its system.

There are certain features that can be observed before administering this type of medication, this include breed of your pet, body weight and most probably its body size.

Accurate body size should be taken for an accurate dosage to be offered a slight mistake of offering paracetamol could cause a fatal illness.

Any problem that comes about after giving paracetamol medicine such as difficulty in breathing, drooling or a painful tummy make a call to your veteran to report a sudden change of its condition.

Similarly, paracetamol prescription is not supposed to exceed more than two days to treat an illness. If this is the case seek another option of taking it to a veteran to be sure of its exact condition.

A pet that is suffering from certain ailments such as liver or kidney problems should not be given paracetamol for also involve a dog that is undergoing analgesic or sedative medication.


Providing your pet with paracetamol is not acceptable, this is a type of drug that can only be used by human beings. They help in relieving their body pain and in case there body temperature is high it’s regulated to being normal.

It’s only offered in some instance, can be given to your pet following orders as authorized by your veteran. Do not, in any case, try offering any form of treatment to your canine friend if you are not sure of what you are doing. Taking such action could defiantly lead to death.

What can I give my pet for pain relief?

For pain relief, there are certain medications that are helpful in relieving your pet from pain. NSAIDS are types of medicines that help in relieving pain but you should not trust them completely.

When providing these drugs consult your veteran for assistance. This type of drugs includes aspirin and brunette which are known to be specifically for human but not your pooch.

However to prevent different types of complications that come about when your pooch has been given these drugs. Certain companies have come up with samples of drugs that are helpful in relieving your pet from pain.

The new types of drugs that are specifically meant to relieve pain in dogs include Carpofen and Etodolac.

Once that has been mentioned are among the best drugs that can be prescribed by a veteran to help in relieving it from discomfort without causing any form of side effects.

When you make a trip to your vet before a treatment process is done a proper medical checkup should always be carried out.

On the contrary, as its caretaker, you have to give a proper health history of your pet and provide all the symptoms that you might have observed. After the prescription has been done it’s always proper to keep an eye on your pet’s daily routine until when it has fully recovered.

Natural Pain Relief for Dogs

Natural pain reliefs have been neglected for a long period of time and most pet owners would always prefer prescriptions over the counter. This is more used on pets that require a long term treatment such as arthritis.

Another type of disease such as the chronic one the best option for treatment is by using home remedies since they do not have side effects in your dog’s system.

Indicated below are various natural methods that can be used to help in relieving pain to your canine friend. They include

1. Exercise

This is helpful especially to pets that have pain in their joints, it’s preferable since it does not need to train so much while carrying on. This type of excise is referred to as hydrotherapy.

Another alternative of excising is by taking a walk with it for some time. Just like human beings when they are not feeling better they tend to take a walk.

Letting your pet to rest when undergoing such conditions is not proper and can lead to more serious problems. When exercise is involved there is always no need of offering drugs from the pharmacy.

2. Therapy

Certain body therapy can be of help when carried on your canine friend. Most human beings would always prefer having a body massage to enable them to fill better, basically when certain areas on their bodies are experiencing pain massaging is always considered to be the best option.

 Pet parents find this kind of activity to be helpful since you don’t have to offer any form of medication to your pet for recovery. You can recommend taking it for body massage more often to take care of minor injuries.

3. Supplements

It’s said that when you do not add certain supplements in its diets its joints becomes weak thus leading to body pain. Therefore it’s always important to ensure that essential supplements are offered in its diet to avoid using medication that causes chronic pain pains due to arthritis.

There are a variety of supplements in the market stores. As a pet parent, it’s always proper to be aware of the specific type of one that is suitable for your pet’s diet. Not all of them are useful some could lead to serious problems on your canine friend’s body causing serious problems.

Seek approval from the vet, he/she will provide for you suitable supplements that suites its body. In addition, a proper guideline on how often the medication is offered is always provided.

If you have tried different methods of home remedies and its pains seem to become worse consult a veteran for its body diagnosis to be carried out.

When your canine friend is not feeling well it becomes difficult to determine. Since they are unable to communicate and tell what part of their body is suffering or if it has been injured.

 Like its owner, there are certain things like abnormal behavior that helps you detect the pain it’s undergoing through. A dog that is in pain shows signs such as constant winning and barking. Some may have withdrawal symptoms and will not play as usual.

Some of the injuries that can befall your canine friend include being knocked by a heavy object. As a way of trying to relieve it from the pain that it’s undergoing you can decide to offer it paracetamol to relieve it from pain.

Is Your Dog in Pain?

A pooch that is in pain can only be noted when it makes vocal sounds, this involves a continuous winning. Some of them tend to lack appetite and hide from people such signs indicate that your pet is undergoing chronic pain.

You can also indicate it undergoing pain by checking on how fast it’s heartbeat rate is. Mostly it’s heart will beat very fast making its breathing process be loud.

If your pet becomes dull and does not get involved in various activities which include walking or playing, seek attention from your vet since it might be suffering from pain.

Most dog checkups are very expensive, however, it’s always better to take care of its symptoms before it worsens the situations. As a pet parent do not consider providing your pet with paracetamol to relieve its pain instead this might end up worsening its situation.

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