Dog Coughing at Night, Reasons & Diagnosis

Dog coughing at night only is a scenario that may be hard to diagnose especially if they don’t sleep around you. We all know that at night every member of the family is always exhausted and therefore peace of mind is always needed.

In addition, you should consider seeking medical attention from a vet for an early diagnosis to be carried. Dog coughing only at night might be a sign showing that it’s being affected with a certain disorder as discussed below.

Why is my dog coughing only at night? Reasons

There are several factors that are known to trigger sudden dog coughing at night. Your pet could be allergic to fragrance, flea or additives, these allergens invades in its system when it comes into contact with them.

1. Allergic reactions

When those allergens are only found in your pet’s beddings, then your dog will definitely cough only in the night while it is sleeping. One of the best ways to know your dog is not comfortable is that it will switch positions and sleep in a different place.

The remedy, in this case, will be simple. Try and change your dog’s bedding and watch if it will still cough at night while sleeping or resting.

some can be available in the food that it consumes without forgetting the smell of different fragrance.

Since this allergen gets into its respiratory system, coughing process plays an important role in freeing its lungs from the foreign particles present in its body.

2. Environmental factors

Since our pets come from different environments, irritants that lead to their coughing habits differ. This means that dogs that come from the countryside are prone to be affected with irritants such as grass allergies.

3. Parasitic attacks

In a case where a parasite has gotten into its system; i.e as roundworm, constant coughing helps to ease the diagnosis of the problem that it’s facing. In this case, your dog will cough both during the day and at night.

Other than experiencing difficulty in breathing, a pet that coughs more often with gums that look pale-white is not normal at all. This needs an immediate checkup from your veterinarian.

4. Old Age

Lastly, dogs that have become too old would end up experiencing an often cough since they are prone to be affected by a condition known as chronic bronchitis.

Their immune system also becomes weak and they can easily be irritated by dust, stuffy environment, and what they eat.

5. Food

Dog coughing at night can also be influenced by what you give your dog before it goes to bed.

It may start reacting to the food during digestion forcing it to cough while sleeping. A good example is a food that has a lot of spices, chili, and hot pepper.

Other causes of dog coughing

Apart from the mentioned above, there are other additional causes that can lead to cough development in dogs. All this can only be identified after the vet has looked into the symptoms.

Kennel Cough in Dogs

This type of cough in pets becomes more serious, especially during night hours. Though during the day your canine friend tends to cough however it won’t be that audible than that one that is experienced at night.

Other than your dog coughing at night, some pets will tend to cough during morning hours. This helps in getting rid of excess fluids that have accumulated in its throat. You will observe it cough more often to be at ease.

Dogs that have been attacked with kennel cough will show signs after a maximum period of about seven days. Most of them contact this cough after visiting places that are crowded such as park place, groomers place and many more.

To prevent your pet from being affected with kennel cough condition you can administer a vaccination. Other vets would administer it through its noise thereby making it experience a cough two days after vaccination.

A Collapsed Trachea

Collapsed trachea is a condition that mostly affects dogs that are in their young age. For air to travel from your pet’s nose to its lungs, an important part of its body known as trachea helps in transportation.

There is no specific cause of the tracheal collapse in dogs since most appear in breeds when they are still young. The type of breed that develop this condition at an early stage include Yorkshire terriers.

A pet that is suffering from this type of condition coughs more often when it is exciting, eating or drinking. This is because most of these activities when they are being carried out a lot of pressure is exalted on its trachea.

During this process, a certain sound is produced that seems to be distinctive thereby being given a name known as goose hunk. This condition doesn’t show signs immediately but after a certain period of time.

In conclusion, there are other symptoms that can be an indication of a collapsed trachea in dogs. They include;

  • Fainting
  • difficulty in its breathing activity
  • its gums will not have the same color instead it turns to blue
  • some of them won’t be able to perform a lot of exercise as usual

Can Heart Problem Cause Dog Coughing at Night?

Apart from having a collapsed heart, dog’s night cough can be caused due to heart problems. It starts as a normal cough but after a certain period of time, it becomes worse both daytime and at night.

Such coughs come about when certain fluids leaks into its lungs, this kind of problem occurs when the heart is unable to carry on with its activities as usual. In a case where the fluid is present in its lungs a cough is always experienced more often.

There are certain symptoms that can also be observed in a dog that is suffering from a heart problem such as fatigue and unwilling to exercise like always.

Some might also have difficulty when it comes to sleeping time. As a pet parent, when you observe this symptom, it’s always proper to make a trip to your vet.

Not forgetting that there is those type of dogs that have an enlarged heart that is not of normal size. Therefore, when it is working a lot of pressure is exposed to its airwaves thus causing a sudden cough.

As its caretaker, it’s always a good idea to ensure that you take your canine friend for a checkup.

Your vet listens to its heart if it produces weird sounds such as murmuring or irregular breathing. Therefore an early treatment is done before the situation becomes worse.

Dog Cough Diagnosis

Before any treatment is carried out as its caretaker you will have to provide all information concerning your pet. You should always be aware of the actual days your pet started to experience its coughing problems.

Also, take your time to observe if the dog is also coughing during the day. This will really help your vet to identify the problem and take the necessary measures.

How it contacted such a cough maybe after you took it to a park with other pets. At this point, the vet will also have to listen to its heart to discover any kind of problem.

However, if the fluids are present in its lungs, listening won’t provide exact information concerning such condition. This can cause serious dog coughing at night and during the day as well.

Additional tests will have to be performed such as x-rays and cardiac ultrasound for an accurate treatment to be carried out. An x-ray that is performed is carried out on its neck inclusive of its chest.

Dog Night Time Cough Treatment

As a pet parent, you should consider getting rid of the irritant before it becomes serious. This involves clearing its bedding that might be filled with dust or parasites that when inhaled it leads to coughing.

After a diagnosis has been performed, your veterinarian can carry on with the treatment process after getting the actual trigger of the cough.

If the dog is suffering from kennel condition, certain prescriptions such as cough suppressants, antibiotics and plenty of water should also be offered during this period.

Consider shifting its bedding if it’s in an open area, bring it into a quite warm place away from a stuffy environment. Keep in mind that this condition comes about when your dog goes to a crowded place.

Keep off from such areas until when it has recovered completely. You should also not stress it that much for quick recovery.

Another condition is collapsed trachea. In this case, oral medication to your pet can be prescribed for treatment. If its case is severe, a surgical process is always recommended to keep its trachea strong.

Those that are suffering from a heart condition can be given water pills. This helps in getting rid of any excess fluid present in your pet’s body.

However, such prescriptions are always given with the vet’s instructions to avoid further complications.

“As its owner, you should not try giving it home treatment without getting information from your veteran”

Among the drugs that are prescribed with your veteran include butorphanol, hydrocodone, and theophylline. Your veteran will give you proper information on how to use the medicine that has been prescribed.

What Causes Older Dogs to Cough

Older dogs are most likely to experience a coughing habit than usual. This shows that it’s suffering from a certain condition. In a case where it has been affected by heartworm diseases being attacked becomes very easy.

This condition is experienced when you have not been able to provide it with heartworm preventives for quite a long period of time.

To continue older canine friends are at high risk of being affected with disorders such as asthma. Such type of disorder affects older dogs as compared to younger ones.

As time goes by their immune system become weak thus not being capable of fighting certain types of illness in their body.

Other than those mentioned above geriatric condition is another disorder that triggers coughing in older dogs. Those that have been affected with this condition always have difficulty in breathing with a continuous cough.

Reasons Why Dogs Cough Foam

As human beings, we always tend to cough as a way of clearing out our throats. This same activity is also known to be performed with our canine friend. Though it becomes disgusting if its cough is accompanied with foamy substances.

You should always keep in mind that your dog is only capable of producing either dry cough or productive one.

The one that is productive comes with secretions that include foamy substances. Mentioned below are various disorders that can cause your feline friend to cough and realizing out foamy substance


Bloating is a certain movement in a dog’s stomach that is a life-threatening one. It’s always important to be aware of its symptoms and be able to seek medical attention from a veteran with immediate effect.

This condition causes a lot of discomfort to your pet. Sick pets force themselves to reach out just to get rid of the foam to make them feel comfortable. Not all of them are capable of removing that foam instead it coughs out a dry cough.

Bile secretion

Some pet parents find it quite difficult to differentiate when their pet is coughing and vomiting. A vomiting activity is mostly observed during the night whereby your dog wakes up throws a yellow foam that remains visible until daybreak.

Those that throw yellow bile are the type of dogs that are given no foods within a day. Therefore when its stomach is empty a lot of bile is build up in its stomach thus being gotten out inform of a foamy substance.

Fungal infection

Fungal infection is another type of condition that causes a dog to throw out foamy substances. It’s described as valley fever since it affects pets from the southwest desert. Spores that are present in these areas leads to an often cough when inhaled with your pet.

Fungal cough is quite similar to kennel cough, the difference is that a pet that is suffering from kennel tends to cough to get rid of viruses present in its body whereas valley fever involves getting rid of fungus present in its body.

Heart diseases

Last but not list a pet that has been attacked with heart disease is at a high risk of coughing as it throws out.

During its early stage, the cough that is produced is not that productive, after a certain period of time when a pets’ heart has eventually failed to function in a proper way a cough that is produced comes out with blood that is mixed out with saliva.

Since there are various conditions that lead to dogs vomiting foam, it’s always important to make a trip to a veteran before things get out of hand.

As its caretaker when you notice certain symptoms mentioned above its always proper to get full information from your vet.

Not forgetting that your canine friend needs the same rest after involving itself with different activities during the day. It’s quite challenging especially when your pet keeps coughing at this particular time.

You should not ignore such signs as a pet parent, this could be an indication of something serious that is developing in your pets’ system.


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