Dog Black Gums, Dark Spots & Bad Breath – Unhealthy Dog Gums

Dog black gums with bad breath and constant bleeding is definitely a sign of infection. It becomes more confusing especially when it comes to which color a dog’s gum teeth should look like.

In some cases, it’s normal for it to have gum teeth that are black, however, in some breeds, it can be a result of an underlying cause of the infection that your pet might be developing.

If you are always keen when you take it for examination in case of any underlying infection, your vet will examine the dog’s gums to look for any changes that might have occurred.

The main secret here is to know the normal color of your dog’s gum such that if you notice the sudden appearance of dog gums black spots or when the gums become darker than usual, you seek a vet’s advice.

What color should my Dog Gum Be?

In normal circumstances, its gum should be pink in color. This is exceptional to certain breeds such as chow chow and Chinese sharpie which have different features such as a bluish tongue with black or spotted gums.

If you are a pet owner and you notice that the dog’s gum turned to black and a little bit raised. You should consult your vet for a medical checkup and be aware of any problem it might be experiencing.

Dog black gums that are swollen and bleeding with bad breath should never be ignored”

It is always important to be aware of its gum color just in case of any changes that might be noted. If you notice it having red, pale, blue and black gum consult your vet for assistance.

A dog that has a black gum pigment naturally should not be a concern. This can be surprising when you notice it had a black pigment after it’s grown since you have only checked its gums while it was still young.

In this case, you may not be in a position to tell its exact gum color. After a certain period of time when it matures enough you end up noticing it’s black gums. This may be possible as it ages.

This should not be of great concern since its melanin color which is natural. If its melanin, your dog will be healthy and you won’t see any signs like dog black gums with bad breath to show that it is sick.

In a situation whereby dog’s gums were pink yesterday and they seem black the next day this should not be taken as a normal situation and should be of great concern.

How to Check the Color of Your Dogs Gums?

It is always important to check its teeth on a daily basis, an often examination will be helpful just in case of any radicle changes it will be quite easy to note. If daily is impossible, try to check at least once or twice a week.

While carrying out a physical examination of its gum color, start by lifting upper lips in a gentle way and observe the color of its upper canine area. In normal circumstances, gum color will be pink and very healthy.

Dogs that have a gum color which is pale is an indication of anemia diseases. This can also indicate that your pet has internal bleeding which is actually taking control of its teeth. Lack of enough oxygen to its gum will be shown with a sign of gums turning into a purple color.

During the examination process as a pet owner, you should also be aware of how its gum feels like. Gums that are healthy when touched they should be firm and more so very smooth.

There may be a situation where the dog’s gum seems too rough as you touch than before. It can be as a result of an underlying infection that is developing in its gums.

A dog that is suffering from lack of enough water in its body or in simple terms a dehydrated dog will also have this symptom. This is noticed by the development of dry gums and may even start peeling.

Dry gums may cause dog black gums due to peeling and bleeding when it is eating tough food or bones. Dogs also carry stuff when playing using the mouth, in this case, the gums may be easily hurt.

It is also important to check its capillary time; this is helpful in checking if its circulatory system is working properly. Perform this act by gently pressing your the dog’s gum until they turn white.

If its circulation is working properly this will take about two seconds for its gum to turn back into a normal pink or dark color.

As you perform your examination, ensure that your dog is not in any form of pain. If it is experiencing some kind of pain take it to your vet for examination since it will end up biting you.

In order to keep your pet’s teeth clean always brush its teeth on a daily basis just in case of any changes on its gum, you will be in a position to notice.

Dog Breeds with Black Gums Naturally

In a case where a pet’s gums were pink and eventually turns to black this should be checked by your veteran to see if it’s healthy.

However, there are those types of breeds which are born naturally having gums that are black in color. Chow chow and Chinese sharpie are dog breeds which are known to have natural dog black gums.

This pigment is brought about due to microscopic granules of dark pigment which is known as melanin. Such breeds while sick it’s quite hard to examine its gum due to its black color it will be hard to tell any physical changes that it might be experiencing.

In this case, your vet will carry a test of its eyelid just in case of any changes. If it has been infected the eyelid will have a different color apart from pink which is present in a dog that is healthy.

 Confirm if it is sick by lowering its eyelid in a gentle way and observe. If the color differs from pink consult your veteran for guidance, and a proper treatment to be carried out.

What Causes Dog Black Gums?

If you are a pet owner and you managed to have a glance into its mouth and you notice the presence of black gum, it is always advisable to consult your vet since it might be a developing cause of illness.

A normal pet should have pink gums the dog breeds with natural black gums like chow chow that have gums that are black in color as a result of microscopic melanin deposit. If you are having such type of breed it should not be of great concern since it’s normal and natural.

In the content below there are various infections that cause black gums in dogs. If its gums turn into black seek medical attention from your vet for proper checkup and treatment.

Cancerous Dog Black Gums

Dog black gums that are raised with unusual dark color should be taken to a vet for an examination. This can be a sign of a cancerous tumor which is known as melanomas.

It is a type of cancer that commonly affect dogs and causes various symptoms such as loose of teeth, bad breath, eating difficulty and blood from its mouth.

Furthermore, melanoma cancer is gradual in that part of gums that have been affected turns to black color.

In addition, melanoma affects all kinds of breeds, however, those that are affected most are breeds like Gordon setters, chow chow, cocker spaniel, Scottish terriers, and golden retrievers.

It is important to examine its gum more often just in case of any dog black gums occurrence. Dental problems should never be taken lightly since they can cause serious infection to your pet such as permanent browned and cracked teeth. This may cause serious poor eating abilities and lead to sudden dog weight loss.

The examination should be carried out if a dog has pink raised gums with puss discharge. This concludes that cancer can be indicated through features such as pink, grey or white gums.

Swollen gums should be treated immediately. Research shows that male dogs are at a very high risk of being affected by melanomas than female once.

Dental Diseases that Cause Dog Black Gums

Dental diseases will be experienced if you do not clean your dog’s teeth for quite some time. This will cause the formation of plaque that forms hard tartar on its teeth. Therefore, its gums will be inflamed making them turn into a red color. This can also cause periodontal diseases occurrences.

The periodontal infection will be indicated with a black line that forms at the point where teeth meet with gums. Since it has been affected by periodontal infection, gums will turn into a black color.

If this infection is not treated on time it will develop deeper into gums and roots leading to loose of teeth. This is a major cause of dog black gums or black spots on dog’s gums.

How Periodontal Disease Develops

Periodontal diseases refer to infections that affect structures around the teeth. This parts affected include gums, a part that covers rots known as cementum and alveolar bone.

At an early stage, the part that is affected is dog’s gums. This stage is referred to as gingivitis. This condition is experienced when hard tartar is formed on a dog’s teeth causing inflammation of gums and formation of a black line on dog gums.

In continuation, a dog that has been affected by gingivitis infection will have a bad smell from the mouth. In addition to this since its gums have been affected, they will become very loose than their usual appearance.

This will, therefore, be listed as a cause of dog black gums with bad breath. Swollen gums that keep bleeding may also be noticed.

The Progression

If gingivitis is not treated at an early stage it leads to a serious infection which is known as periodontal disease. This disease is very serious since it affects the roots of teeth weakening to a point that it can come out. Bleeding dog gums will be common at this stage.

Periodontal diseases cause teeth to have a rough look and causes a dog to have a raised furcation. As a result of this, the area that was left empty will be filled up with plaque.

This causes the formation of bacteria around the area that has been affected and it is indicated with the formation of black spot on a dog’s gum line.

In a case whereby you spot black lines on its gums, seek help from your veteran for a checkup. This will enable your vet to carry examination and carry on with treatment before your pet loses teeth that have been affected.

Various symptoms below will indicate a periodontal infection in a dog. They include

  1. It will have a problem especially to pick up food
  2. Blood will be seen on its play toys
  3. Presence of lumps and bumps in the mouth
  4. Its saliva will contain traces of blood
  5. Its teeth will be very loose
  6. Since it is unable to chew food properly it will vomit more often

If you are a pet owner and you notice that a dog has black gums, ensure you take it for a check-up by your veteran. This should be done quite earlier before more problems are experienced.

What Causes White Gums in Dogs?

White gums in dogs are a sign of a serious underlying infection that might be developing. There is a various condition that can lead to the development of white gums this indicates that its circulatory system is experiencing a problem.

Anemia is the main cause that is known to cause white gum appearance. This is a condition that comes about when blood is lacking enough of red blood cells. Due to a lack of red blood cells in blood oxygen will not be transported to various parts of the body.

In addition, anemia can be caused as a result of the loss of blood. In this case, it can either be due to an injury or if your pet is being affected with fleas that sucks blood in excess, therefore, it becomes insufficient in its body causing white gum formation.

When bone marrows do not produce red blood cells maybe as a result of being affected with diseases such as bone cancer in the body they become minimum causing anemia. If your pet has been affected with cancer, this is a serious disease in dogs that leads to the destruction of white blood cells.

Symptoms such as having white gums is an indication that your pet has been affected with anemia. Other signs include a tongue that is pale and loss of consciousness.

Shock and Stress

This is also another cause of white gum development in dogs. If it has been involved in a sudden accident a shock that is experienced leads to loss of blood proper blood circulation.

In such a situation its blood pressure becomes critically low and therefore all other body parts will lack enough blood.


Hypoglycemia is a condition that occurs when the sugar level in a dog is very low than usual. A puppy that does not feed properly will be at a high risk of being affected with this condition.

This infection is said to attack dogs that are sick due to lack of appetite since they cannot feed properly. This will also cause white gum appearance on a dogs


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