Best Cat Toothbrush Types & What to Use for Cleaning Cat’s Teeth

It is important to get the best cat toothbrush for several reasons. Just as you brush your teeth on a daily basis, consider carrying the same process on your cat’s teeth. Brushing its teeth is helpful in that there will be no formation of plaque on its gums that leads to the development of dental infections and cat gum diseases.

There is a wide variety of cat toothbrush in the market. The problem is knowing what toothbrush is safe for your cat’s teeth and what is not. That’s the main subject we will discuss today. Everyone will promote their product but you have to have an idea before you buy.

If you have a kitten, try to introduce such activities while it’s still young. This will make it get used to bristles passing across its teeth more often. However, if you have a grown cat, it’s not too late since there are a variety of toothbrushes in the market that could actually make your work easier.

You can find it very difficult especially on which one would work well. All the brushes that have been mentioned below have a guideline on how to use them depending on its age.

H&H Professional Cat Toothbrush

It’s a professional type of toothbrush that is of good quality. This type of brush comes with other pieces like eight of them in number. It reduces cost especially of multiple kittens in the house thereby you won’t buy a brush for each one of them.

Basically, it’s designed for a kitten with smallmouth and those that have got sensitive gums. Its bristles are very soft and would not, in any case, lead to any kind of harm on your feline friend’s gums. When carrying on with your cleaning process all food particles present are gotten rid of effectively.

Most pet owners always prefer using H&H professional cat toothbrush because they offer an efficient way of carrying on with the cleaning process.

Feature of H&H professional toothbrush include:

  1. It contains 8FDA finger toothbrushes
  2. It has ultra-soft and polished bristles
  3. A warranty of 60 days for the money to be refunded
  4. Head is curved in nature

Rose life Pet Soft Toothbrush

This is another type of a cat’s toothbrush, it is very useful especially when you are looking for that type of brush that perform several functions at the same time. In its package, it comes to inform of four head toothbrushes together with other four finger toothbrushes.

Since they come in the various form it can be of help especially when you have a kitten in your house, the once to be used are four finger toothbrushes thereby you can keep the long-handled once up to when your feline friend is quite old enough.

It makes your work easy since the four-finger toothbrush come in a variety of colors. Therefore if you are having a different kitten you can assign each one of them with a different color of toothbrush to avoid confusion.

Rose life Pet Toothbrush Feature:

  1. Four angled headed toothbrushes
  2. Four finger brushes that have a soft texture
  3. For long once there handles are slender
  4. They are versatile

Per Republic Cat Toothbrush Series

A type of brush made of materials that are of high quality. Commonly used with pet owners to clean different areas that finger toothbrushes are unable to reach.

It has a head that is dual like making it a little bit friendlier especially to a kitten that is not used to brushing activity.

There are those types of the breed that the dual type of brush would work well on them they include Maine, savanna and Chausie. Others that would only require the use of small head brushes include munchkin, Singapura and Cornish rex.

Similarly per republic cat toothbrush consist of finger toothbrush like any other brushes. However, you will have to purchase it quite different because it does not come as one package like the rest.

Features of per republic cat toothbrush:

  1. Medium texture bristles that clean without causing any harm
  2. Its handle is long and slender
  3. It’s angled in a way that makes it easy to clean hard areas in its mouth
  4. Satisfaction guarantee is very real

Mascota Cat Toothbrush

It’s a type of brush that provides a higher standard of taking good care of dental problems for your feline friend. Mascota cat toothbrush comes in a set of two long-handled brushes together with six finger toothbrushes in them. The type of material that is used to make them is very safe for its gums.

In addition, this type of brush is made of bristles that are very soft and offer a lot of comfort to your pet during cleaning time.

The only problem is that its head is a little bit larger, therefore, it won’t fit properly in your kitten’s mouth. If it would have been designed in a friendly way it can be of use to a young kitten.

 Since they come in a variety a lot of them gives a better option for you to use when it comes to cleaning time. A larger percentage of pet owners would always prefer using a finger brush to carry on with its cleaning since it’s efficient to use.

Feature of mascot cat toothbrush

  1. Its satisfaction is always guaranteed
  2. It consists of six finger toothbrushes which are silicon in nature
  3. Its bristles are very soft for your canine friend
  4. Two dual toothbrushes that are head angled

Kitty Teeth Cat Toothbrush

Kitty teeth cat toothbrush is a type of brush that is specifically meant for young ones. When you observe its bristles it’s designed in a way that makes it very easy for food particle to be gotten rid of your kitten cavities without causing any harm to its gums.

It’s a brush that comes as one, not with any other varieties. It’s very comfortable as compared to long dual brushes.

The head consists of a stubbier about three-quarter of its handle for efficient use. Similarly, instructions on how to use such kind of brush are always given to prevent unnecessary injuries while using.

If food particles get stuck on the upper surface of your kitten mouth, using this type of brush is very comfortable since its handle is shortened making work easier. It’s very expensive even if it comes only as one piece contained in its package.

Its higher price is due to the result that its performance is more efficient as compared to any other single-handled cat toothbrush.

Feature of kitty cat toothbrush

  1. BA free construction
  2. Its head is very small
  3. Its bristles are very soft and polished properly
  4. It is controllable because of its shorter handle

Woobamboo Eco-Toothbrush for Pets

It’s a type of brush that is friendly which is made out of a plant that is said to grow very fast worldwide. Woobamboo eco toothbrush is designed in a way that makes your work very comfortable when carrying on with cleaning exercise.

If you are used to cleaning its teeth with plastic toothbrushes this could be a great chance for your cat to experience a new change while cleaning its teeth.

In addition, its head is made in a unique way and you can only notice that it’s a brush when you observe its bristles that are made out of different colors.

Its handle shape makes it easier for users and how to control it well while using it. Its bristle part is said to be recyclable and when removed a stick is left behind for your feline friend to use it as a play toy. This type of activity does not work specifically with brushes that are made up of plastic.

Feature of wood bamboo eco toothbrush

  1. Its bristles are recyclable
  2. Made of organic biodegradable bamboo
  3. Its bristles are soft to touch

Next Level Pet Premium Triple Toothbrush Value Pack

It’s a type of brush that has multiple toothbrushes on both ends. In addition, it’s packed with other finger brushes to make your cleaning process easy. Both ends of the toothbrush have a specific role to play.

 On one end contains a normal brush that helps in getting away with all plaque that has been formed on your cat’s teeth. On the other end, it looks quite similar to a toothbrush however its bristles are stiffer that helps to massage its gums.

Other than toothbrushes value pack comes with a recipe book that helps you as its pet parent to make natural toothpaste that can be used for your cats cleaning process.

Since this type comes with a massage item that is ready, most veterans would not recommend carrying on with the massage process more often. Such activity hinders proper growth of its teeth.

Similarly, the type of head that has been used in making next level pet premium triple toothbrush might not fit properly in a kitten’s mouth. Therefore you can actually keep it until when it has grown up for proper use.

Features of next level pet premium toothbrush

  1. It contains a finger brush with a gum massager
  2. Bristles are very soft and friendly to use
  3. Dual angle headed toothbrush
  4. Ergonomic handle

CET Pet Toothbrush

This a type of cat toothbrush that is preferable by most pet parents. Its head is made up of a smooth head designed in a way that makes it suitable for cleaning your feline friend’s teeth.

Similarly CET pet toothbrush works well with all types of breed, on the contrary, it comes with different colors that you can choose as it, the pet parent. Its bristles are soft and user-friendly.

Even though it comes as a single brush without any other accompaniments its price still remains higher. What makes it’s expensive it’s how its head has been made in a way that makes it fit properly in a young kitten’s mouth without any difficulties.

Consider buying this type of brush for your feline especially if it’s the only kitten that you have within your compound.

Feature of CET cat toothbrush

  1. Its head is very small
  2. Its bristles are soft
  3. Its handle is long and very slender

Mind up Kenko Care Toothbrush for Pets

From its look, it’s quite designed in a different way and you won’t notice from afar if it’s really a toothbrush. Its head is rounded in nature thus making it quite different from the dual cat toothbrushes that you have encountered.

Breeds that are small in body size mind up Kenko care toothbrush is known to work well. Other than its design it has a hole at the bottom that makes its storage to be simpler by hanging it free from moisture that causes germs.

Features of mind up Kenko care toothbrush

  1. Its bristles are very thin
  2. For optimum reach in certain areas, its points are doubled angled
  3. Its head is circular in design form

Emours 360-Degree Pet Toothbrush

If you do not require a lot of energy to enable you to clean its teeth this the type of brush that is most recommendable. Its bristles have been structured in a way that you can brush your feline friend’s teeth at any angle.

It makes the cleaning process to be easier as compared to using a normal toothbrush. After use keeps it away from your pet while using it ensure that you monitor the whole cleaning process until when you are done. Make sure it’s properly cleaned after use.

Features of Emours 360-degree pet toothbrush

  1. An ergonomically designed handle
  2. Bristles are soft and structured in a 360 degrees angle
  3. For proper grip, its handle is made in a spiral themed way

Things to Look For in a Cat Toothbrush

There are several types of cat toothbrushes in the market. Therefore as its caretaker, there are certain things to look for while choosing them they include

Size and shape of the toothbrush head

To avoid injuries of its teeth choose a brush that is shaped in a proper way. If you are choosing for young kitten take a brush that will suit in its mouth.

Be sure the type of brush you have chosen is only meant for cat use. Most pet owners would always prefer using a round headed brush since it cleans well as compared to others.

In addition, you should always be aware of the type of breed that you have at home. This will help in choosing its brush especially the type of Maine coon which needs a quite bigger toothbrush for use.

The angle of the head of a toothbrush

Having a toothbrush that has a rounded head is quite better since you are capable of using it in all sorts of angles for the cleaning process to be easier. A brush that is straight would not be able to go further in your cat’s mouth because you are not sure how to operate it.

This comes to the reason why pet owners would always prefer using a finger toothbrush that you are capable of controlling it properly. It enables you to clean hidden regions in your feline friend’s mouth without causing any injuries on its gums.

Level of the softness of the toothbrush bristles

Due to the fear of causing injuries on its teeth, a higher percentage of pet parents would go for a brush with soft bristles. A problem comes about when you choose a toothbrush that is too soft.

This causes a lot of infections because most food particles will always remain in its teeth during the cleaning process leading to dental conditions.

Choosing that one that is tough can eventually heart its gum while cleaning. Therefore it’s always proper to look for a brush that has stronger bristles cable of removing formed plaque. On the other hand, it should be soft to avoid causing unnecessary injuries.

Length of a toothbrush handle

Length of a toothbrush matters a lot. You should always be sure of the actual length that makes your cleaning process easier. If you choose a toothbrush that has a longer handle your cleaning time won’t be easy at all. This is to say that a longer handles brush cannot be controlled that easily.

In a case where you chose a slight shorter brush to reach the certain area in your feline friend’s teeth, you will have to insert your hand in its mouth.

Therefore if you have chosen a finger toothbrush you won’t stress yourselves so much with a handle length of a brush.

Benefits of using Cat Toothbrush – Why You Should Clean Your Cat’s Teeth

Cats are among pets that are known to be very clean, they groom themselves more often just to make sure that they maintain their level of cleanliness.

However, there are certain parts of its bodies such as their teeth that require our attention as their pet parent to be of help to them.

 Just as you brush your teeth on a daily basis you can try performing the same activity on its teeth. Below are various importance of brushing its teeth such as:

Remove debris and food particles

Some people would always prefer offering its pet with kibble for consumption on a daily basis to enable them in the cleaning process.

However, this will not perform a general cleaning on its teeth thereby living behind food particles.

It’s always proper to use a toothbrush to get rid of food particles that are stuck in hidden areas in its cavities.

Prevents the formation of plaque and tartar

Keeping its teeth clean is helpful since all food particles present are gotten rid of. If this food leftover is not removed formation of a thin layer can eventually form on its teeth which are known as plaque.

It’s always proper to get rid of this layer since it’s triggered by living microorganism present in your feline friend’s earlier removal is important because there will be no formation of tartar which is a tooth cavity that is not easy for treatment.

Prevents the development of tooth decay

When tartar is left for a long period of time without removal, it causes tooth decay that damages enamel forming a tooth problem known as a cavity. It becomes quite difficult to notice a pet that is suffering from a cavity since its color is similar to that of a tooth.

In addition, it appears just below a felines cats gum line and the only person that is capable of noticing them is your veteran.

It improves tooth and gum health

Cleaning your feline friend’s teeth on a regular basis is very helpful because it won’t be affected with tooth problems. Even if you are not capable of cleaning its teeth daily try and carry on with the activity at list three times in a week.

Types of Cat Toothbrush

In the content below different types of brushes have been mentioned to help in its teeth cleaning. You should always consider choosing the best cat toothbrush to make your work smooth. Commonly used toothbrush include:

Finger toothbrush

Pet parents would always choose this type since its most preferable to be used on the kitten. It is very small making it preferable to fit on your finger thus making it quite easier to control while carrying on with your cleaning process.

Though some pet owners are unable to feel comfortable especially when their fingers get into their pet mouth.

Dual brush head

It’s a toothbrush that is a double header at each end. Each and every brush is known to perform its own function since they are not of the same size.

The larger part is preferable for larger cats because it fits properly in their mouth. While smaller head can be used on the young kitten.

Standard brush

This is a common type of toothbrush that is single-headed. It has a small head that makes it suitable for kitties. Though some pet parents prefer using brushes meant for their kids since its bristles are soft. It’s not always proper for human brushes to be used in cleaning your feline friend’s teeth.


Is it preferable to use a human toothbrush to clean the cat’s teeth?

Since your babies’ toothbrush has bristles that are soft a larger percentage of pet owners would prefer using it for their young kitten. It’s not a good idea at all to use human brushes that are not meant for cat use.

However, some kitten toothbrushes are very expensive to afford. Instead of using human toothbrush you can try wrapping gauze around your finger and carry on with the cleaning process.

Is there a possibility of cats developing cavities?

In a case where its teeth cleaning process is not carried out on a daily basis, it’s at a higher risk of being affected with a cavity. Feline odontoblastic resorption is a condition that is used when referring to cavity infection in cats.

What is another requirement needed for cleaning cats teeth

It’s very obvious that you cannot carry on with the cleaning process without an accompaniment of a toothpaste. Consider using a toothpaste that is meant for cats only and not humans.

Toothpaste contains certain chemicals that are beneficial for human use but very harmful when used on the young kitten. Since cats are unable to spit toothpaste as humans do swallowing it causes a lot of irritation in its tummy.

How often should cat teeth be cleaned?

Often you should consider cleaning them on a daily basis. However, you might not have the proper time to perform the cleaning process due to a fixed working schedule. You can consider doing it thrice within a week to avoid plaque from forming.

Is an electric brush suitable for cats?

It’s very possible to use an electric brush for cleaning. What to look for is the type of bristles a toothbrush is made off, it should be soft enough to avoid injuries of its gum when cleaning.

Another option is ensuring that the brush does not make a lot of noise that can be scary to your kitten. Always ensure that you train it on how to use various types of brushes.


Several types of toothbrushes have been discussed and are known to work perfectly well. However, the best of them all is H&H pet professional toothbrush since its package comes with a variety of others. The toothbrush comes from size 4 to 7 which is similar to ring size.

In additions, it makes cleaning easier due to its curved nature. Without leaving behind the type of material that has been used in its making is durable. Price-wise it is not very expensive making it easily affordable by most pet parents.

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