Foamy Urine Causes: Pictures, Look Like, Remedy, Treatment

Foamy urine causes may include lack of proteins and diabetes among other causes listed below. However, dehydration is a common cause of smelly bubbly urine that look like foam in the morning or any other time of the day. Foamy urine is not normal when accompanied with symptoms like fluid accumulation in body tissues that cause swelling in lungs, ankles or legs. This signs indicate you are suffering from proteinuria.

So, what does foamy urine look like? – see pictures, how to get rid of smelly foamy bubbly urine using home remedies and treatment below.

Diabetes, Dehydration, No Protein Causes Foamy Urine with Bubbles in The Morning, Pictures

Diabetes, Dehydration, No Protein Causes Foamy Urine with Bubbles in The Morning, Pictures

Is passing foamy urine normal?

There are factors that can led to this condition of passing foamy urine often which is termed as being normal i.e. the speed of urination, pressure and many more. In some cases where foamy urine becomes more noticeable, it can be a sign of proteinuria which should be taken care off.

Proteinuria is the presence of excess proteins in the urine that usually results from kidney diseases. But sometimes it results from excessive exercise which leads to burning of protein and dehydration if not regulated.

When one passes urine that clear and not smelly, it shows that one is healthy. The normal color of urine is always pale yellow or deep amber no matter how concentrated the urine is.

Urine color may vary when one is under medication. This will directly depend on how heavy the medication is flowing in your immune system. When one consumes certain foods such as the beets and berries in excess, this may affect the color of your urine.

Have you ever urinated and notice that your urine contains foam or bubbles? This should not be a big deal because most of them are always harmless. However,constant passing out of smelly and deep colored urine should not be ignored.

Mostly the bubbles will disappear in 5- 10 seconds effectively. A situation where they take more than 45 seconds to disappear might be a sign of proteinuria infection. Bubbles in urine should not always be of concern, they can also be caused by the following;

  • Pregnancy-In this period women experience enlarged kidneys. Their kidneys always have to filter a lot of amino acids. When this acid are too much for them to be absorbed by the kidney, they escape into the urine causing it to bubble.
  • Mild dehydration-When a person’s urine is highly concentrated, this leads to dehydration. When one suffers from diabetes, the risk for dehydration is very high hence will experience bubbles in their urine.
  • Chemical in the Toilet-Some of them are caused by the mixture of cleaning chemicals found in the toilet hence causing your urine to bubble.


When one passes foamy urine more often is considered normal due to the pressure that comes with it. When urine is kept on hold for a long period before one urinates,  it increases pressure hence causing bubbles in the urine.

The kidney is a part of the body that plays a role in getting rid of waste materials such as urine mixed with body toxic excreations. When the urinary tract has a problem one will experience persistent urine and a foul odor.

Potential kidney problem is caused by presence of excess proteins in a person’s urine that always cause urine to have persistent bubbles. It is always recommended to see a doctor if the burbles take a long time to disappear or when the foamy urine becomes more noticeable. This will help to identify the actual cause of the problem.


When the kidneys filtering proteins are not working properly, this can result into a lot of proteins to be built up in your urine. Hence producing a foul and smell. This is a common symptom that is experienced once in a while by most people. There are different causes of this kind of problems as follows:


When your urine is too smelly colored and concentrated, it means you have not taken much water as required. This action will definitely lead to formation of foam in a person’s urine. When one is pregnant or diabetic the level at which the person takes the fluid should be very high.

When one is dehydrated the following might occur:

  • Lack of sweating
  • Sunken eyes
  • Low blood pressure
  • Shriveled and dry skin
  • Less frequent urination

Foamy urine anxiety

Proteinuria is whereby one has a lot of proteins in the urine. The most affected people are those who have stress. This is because their body organs tend not to function the normal way. When one has undergone a long period of emotional stress one might end up suffer from digestive complications and heart diseases.

Foamy urine lupus

There are different parts of a human’s body that are affected with the lupus. Most often the joints, skin, kidney, brain and the lungs. Since the kidney is the primary organ of the renal system:

  • They maintain the correct amount and type of body fluid.
  • They help in the removal of waste products and toxic substance.
  • They help to control blood pressure and blood volume.

The inflammation of the kidney making them unable to properly remove waste from your blood or control the amount of fluid in the body is known as Lupus nephritis.

Foamy urine diabetes

This is a condition where the blood sugar level tend to be very high. Insulin which is a hormone that that helps the glucose to get into the cell and give them energy. When your body does not use the insulin properly the glucose will stay in your blood and the urine.

A person suffering from diabetic have foamy urine this is because his/her urine is highly concentrated. Hence causing dehydration. An individual that is diabetic may have the following characteristic combined with smelly foamy urine with bubbles:

  • Have a blurred vision this is whereby one lacks the ability to focus because of the swellings of the eye lenses.
  • Dry mouth and itchy skin when one is dehydrated due to lack of fluids in the body that helps to moistures other things your mouth always feels dry. Furthermore, your skin will always feel itchy when it is dry.
  • Peeing more often and being thirstier in most cases a normal person should always pee seven times in a day. But if one is diabetic the peeing actin tend to be more than normal.

It is always advisable for one to consume a lot of water so as to remain hydrated. This will also help in getting rid of itchy vagina in female or sore penis tip after urinating. Burning feeling after passing urine is caused by salty urine that irritates the soft walls and linings of the male or female excretion organ.

When your body is dehydrated, the urine becomes colored and you will get an itchy burning feel after urinating. This is because body waste that are supposed to be passed in the urine are concentrated and salty in nature. When you take the required amount of water in a day, this will help in diluting these waste products in the urine thus you will not have the burning feel after urinating.


There are different types of fungus that lives in the body. One of this fungus it candida. It is a type of yeast that lives in a very little amount without them being noticed easily.

This can lead to infection of the bladder the kidney and the urinary tract. Leading to bad smell of the urine. In most cases women who are infected with candida are those that always uses antibiotics more often in large amount.

Kidney stone and foamy urine

A small, hard deposit that forms in the kidneys and is always painful when passed is known as kidney stone. They have many causes that can affect your urinary tract together with the kidney and the bladder. When the urine is concentrated, it allows mineral to crystallize and stick together. This is one major reasons why the the stones are usually formed.

According to mayo clinic; “If a urine test reveals protein in your urine, ask your doctor whether you need further testing. Because protein in urine can be temporary, your doctor might recommend a repeat test first thing in the morning or a few days later. Newly developing or increasing amounts of protein in your urine may be the earliest sign of diabetic kidney damage”

Hormonal change during pregnancy

In the early stage of pregnancy, a hormone is produced that tend to cause smelly urine. This hormone is known as the HCG hormone. It causes an odor that most women can be able to tell when it is in the urine.

In most cases a positive sign of pregnancy can be determined by this hormone. In this case to tell that a woman is expecting this hormone is found in the blood and urine.

Bubbly Colored Smelly Foamy Urine Causes, Picture

Bubbly Colored Smelly Foamy Urine Causes, Picture

Urinary tract infection

The kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra are main components that are affected by urinary tract infection. This is because they are the main components of the urinary system.

In most cases the victims tend to be the women and it only affect them once in their lifetime. It is said to be treated easily with antibiotics. There are complications commonly associated with urinary tract infection as follows:

  • Feeling tired tired
  • Pain pressure in the back or lower abdomen
  • Burning feeling when one urinates
  • Intense urge to urinate
  • Strange smelling urine

Again, try and take Plenty of water. This is recommended to get rid of the harmful substances found in the system.

Bubbly and Foamy urine in the morning

The obvious cause of foamy urine is the speed of urination. This kind of foam should clear up quickly. In cases whereby the urine that is foamy only appears during the morning can be a sign of proteinuria.

That is to indicate that your urine contains a lot of proteins. It happens that the urine reacts with the air to create form. Since the kidney plays a role of filtering excess waste products from your blood stream out of the body. The proteins are always too big to be filtered by the kidney so they stay in once blood stream.

In cases whereby the proteins are too much in the urine. This is as a result of damaged kidneys that are unable to filter in a proper way.  Allowing too much proteins to leak in the urine. In such cases a test of urine is carried out to determine the work flow of the kidney.

A bladder infection can be spotted when one gets rid of smelly and cloudy urine. White cells mucus and red cells when this component are present in urine leads to foul smell.

Alcohol and Foamy Urine in The Morning

After a long drinking at night with friends, at a party or wherever place, you will notice you have a smelly concentrated urine in the morning. You may also experience a sharp burning itchy pain when urinating.

This is because alcohol will definitely drain your cells leaving you highly dehydrated. It is always advisable to take lots of water between your drinks or beer in order to avoid bad headaches and dehydrations which cause serious hangovers in the morning.

Foamy urine in male

When semen is not released through the penis and backs up into the bladder is known as retrograde ejaculation. This is a less common cause of foamy urine in men.  When this condition is not well corrected can cause a man to be infertile. Though a man still reaches his sexual climax as usual.

Men who experience bubbly and foamy urine is an early show of a urinary tract infection that is developing. This infection is always found in the urinary bladder and the urethra.

In this type of condition one is advised to always be hydrated meaning that one should always consume plenty of water. This helps to flash away bacteria found in the body that causes foamy urine.

Vesicocolic fistula is another cause of foamy urine in male. This is whereby a tunnel is formed between organs. This leads to the swelling of the urinary bladder causing formation of waste products where they are not supposed to be. This causes the release of foamy and foul urine bubbles that mixes with the air from the intestine.

Foamy and smelly urine in pregnant women.

When the level of proteins is high in a pregnant woman, it can lead to formation of foamy urine. This can also be as a result of released excess hormone during that period. The type of hormone that is released is known as human chorionic gonadotropin.

High consumption of asparagus during pregnancy can lead to formation of foamy and smelly urine. This is because it contains a chemical called asparagusic acid.

A strong and unpleasant smell is formed when the chemical asparagus acid is broken down into Sulfur that contains the compounds. Though the acid is always not harmful to the baby and the mother.

A person will develop the smell in about 15-30 minutes of the consumption of the asparagus. Most people are not always affected by this because they lack the enzyme known as the mercaptan that helps in the breakdown of the chemical. After a period of time the passage of the urine will be cleared hence going back to its normal.


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