Blisters on Penis: Scab, Bumps, Causes, Treatment

Blisters on penis head, shaft or foreskin will definitely bring up questions like, is it an STD infection? Well, some Sexually transmitted diseases can cause blister bumps on penis. When they heal, they will cause scab on penis that can be infected again if not taken care of. However, there are also other several factors listed billow that can cause this penile sores. We will also look at causes, how to get rid and treat penile blisters

How Does a Blister on Penis Look Like?

Blisters on Penis, Foreskin, Filled with Discharge, Picture

Blisters on Penis, Foreskin, Filled with Discharge, Picture

A blister is a raised bubble like bump on the skin that is normally filled with fluids. The fluid inside may be Pus, lymph serum, blood or plasma depending on the underlying cause. Here is a picture of how a blister on penile shaft or foreskin may look like.

Penile blisters may be red if they have blood in them. This in most cases are also classified under bumps or lump on penis filled with blood. In this case, there are several caused that may have caused it and it may also indicate a serious injury on the penis. In most cases, blisters will be swollen and filled with a clear fluid. Blisters should never be popped since the fluid may be contagious or cause infections to other areas of the body.

Scab on Penis Caused by Healing Blisters

When penile blisters are healing, there will be penile scabs left on the affected areas. A scab is a crusty tough coat on any healing wound or open lesion. This is naturally formed on the skin to help protect any open wound from infections.

When taking medications or applying creams prescribed by a doctor, scabs on penile shaft should not be removed at all. You should always let any scan on penis to heal and fall off on its own. Removing the scabs on penile shaft will cause bleeding scabs and this can easily develop into another painful sore on penis.

You may have blisters on Penis with pus, white, clear discharge or any form of discharge. Always note that a scab will form over it after the clear fluid or white pus discharge comes out. This is natural and you should not be worried about that.

Causes of blisters on penis

In most cases, it is hard to tell the cause of a penile blister by a simple look at it. This is due to the fact that blisters may have different underlying causes but may look the same. It is therefore not advisable to ignore blisters on penile shaft that keep spreading, coming back or won’t go away

Penile yeast infection

Yeast infection is caused by an organism known as the Candida Albicans. Early symptoms of this infection itching under the foreskin or an itchy penile shaft. This can also cause a red sore penis head or shaft with white bumps. When left untreated, the itchy irritated skin will cause blisters on penis that can be very painful.

Rough Dry Sex

During sexual intercourse, lubrication is very important. Naturally, the female vagina is designed to produce fluids that will help in soft smooth intercourse. However, there have been cases were the vagina fails to do so. This will definitely cause a rough painful sexually experience that will cause both vaginal blisters and blisters on penis head, shaft and the foreskin.

When the male is erect and ready to indulge, naturally there is a clear sticky discharge that comes out from the penile tip. This is also designed to help in lubrication during intercourse. This also explains why condoms are well lubricated.

When indulging in a sexual intercourse, it is important to be as gentle as possible. This will help in protection both the male and female and even increase the pleasure.

Eczema on Penis Blisters

Eczema on penis s also known as penile dermatitis. This skin condition attacks the penis when the penile skin comes into contact with chemicals, bacteria, fungi or virus that it reacts to. Naturally, the human skin is supposed to react to foreign substance. This reaction process is also known as Allergic reaction.

Allergic reactions can also appear as blisters on penis that may be raised bumps filled with blisters. This can be itchy or non-itchy penile blisters depending on the underlying cause. They can also be painful and it is advanced that you keep away from any sexual activities until you completely heal.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Infections – STD and STI

There are some STI and STD Bumps that can also appear like blisters on penile shaft. The common one is the herpes virus which is classified under STI. The herpes virus is highly contagious and can also be spread when you come into contact with the fluids.

Syphilis Blisters and Scab on Penis

Syphilis which is a STD can cause blisters on penis. Early symptoms include blisters bumps on penile head, shaft, foreskin that in some cases may keep coming and disappearing on their own. When they go away, those bumps may keep coming back because syphilis can be dormant in a patient.

Blisters on Penis from Genital herpes

Genital herpes on penis shaft or foreskin can also appear like swollen blisters. This is caused by the HPV virus. This is a very common infection since it can also spread when an infected person comes in to contact with the blister fluids during sexual intercourse.

Symptoms of genital herpes in male is noted by the appearance of panful blisters on the penis. The pest way to treat this permanently is by seeking medical advice early enough before it spreads or becomes chronic and endangers your life.

According to, “Since the herpes virus stays in your body once contracted, it becomes important to keep the virus in an inactive or dormant state to reduce outbreaks. There is no cure for the condition, although some medicines may provide some relief from pain and discomfort during every outbreak. If you have contracted the virus, it is essential to take precaution lifelong to prevent the outbreak and reduce the chances of pain and damage to your skin”


Folliculitis are caused by infected hair follicles. When this happens, blisters on penis may appear. This in most cases are filled with pus or contain white fluid. A pus filled bump is always a sign of infection. This is also a major cause of pimple on penis shaft or foreskin. This can also appear on the ball sack. This is not classified under STDs or STIs and in most cases, the can be avoided by observing a good hygiene especially after shaving the male groin area.

Bullous Impetigo

Bullous impetigo is caused by a bacterial infection. In most cases the infection always affects the toddlers and the area that is affected the most is the skin. It’s always rare to find an adult suffer from this illness this is because their skins are capable of fighting some bacterial diseases as compared to newborns’. Although it can can appear in the area around the penis, because of the warmth and moisture around the area.

Penile Blister Cancer

The genitals bleeding and swollen blisters that are filled with fluids, are the causes of skin Cancer on the penis. The causes of the infection are not easy to notice. Though in most cases the blister takes longer to heal. This symptom once noted should taken care of by seeking Medical assistance.                                  

Fixed Drug Eruption

Fixed drug eruption happens one reacts to a certain type of medicine but it only affects the same spot over again. This can appear as blisters, bumps or discolored skin depending on your allergic reaction to the drug. This, can affect any other part of the body including the penile shift or fore skin.


Scabies it’s a genital infection that is spread through sexual intercourse. This affects the skin Of the penile. It is noticed by small rashes and bumps that are itchy. This infection can also Spread from one person to another through sharing of personal belongings like clothing This infection can be cured by using creams as prescribed. Although if it persists medical attention should be considered.

More causes of blisters on penis

There are different causes of blisters on the penis and as a result not all of them are the causes of herpes. Although amongst them the genital herpes is also inclusive. Symptoms of the genital herpes can be identified in different ways like; feeling uneasy during the passage of urine, in the genital bump that turns reddish appears leaving a sore that is very open.

The area around the genital is always itchy and when the blister is scrunched it keeps on burning. In most cases their patience who experience muscles aches and also fever and flue. If this, symptoms are experienced this might be a sign o genital herpes infection.

Blister or Sores on Foreskin and Balls

Blister or sore on the foreskin can be as a result of allergic reaction to medication. In most cases some of the bumps or sores on the skin can be a sign of bacterial infection, due to poor hygiene. The fore skin can also be affected by swellings due to yeast infection.

There are sexually transmitted infection that can also cause sore on the foreskin of the balls like the syphilis. In addition to that genital warts can also lead to the appearance of blisters. This symptom should be dragonized before the treatment is carried out. Medical attendee should be considered since the infection spreads from one place to another if treated orally

Scab on Penis Shaft, Foreskin Caused by Healing Blisters on Penis

Scab on Penis Shaft, Foreskin Caused by Healing Blisters on Penis

Blisters on Penis Treatment

You can get rid of scabs on penis and penile blisters using the following home remedies and treatment methods. Based on the causes listed above, remember some penile sores and lesions can be serious viral infections and sexually transmitted diseases that should be treated and checked by a doctor.

Therefore advices that do not prescribe any medication on your own and remember if you are using any home remedies listed here and these blisters keep coming back or won’t go away, seek medical advice and let a doctor take a look at them as soon as possible. Here are some home remedies you may use at home;

Apple Cider Vinegar

This is known to be a very good natural antiseptic. It will always keep away fungal and bacterial infections that may cause penile scabs and blisters on penis. Here is how to use it at home;

  1. Miss 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with one teaspoon of water
  2. Use a clean piece of cotton bud to apply the mixture on the blisters and scabs
  3. Let this settle for as long as it can.
  4. Note that in case there is an open wound, it will sting but stay put since it will do more good than harm. This will also help any open lesions on the penis to scab and heal very fast

Warm Compress

Warm compress will definitely help in soaking up and getting rid of any bleeding scabs and blisters on penis. This will ease up the contents of any blister bumps and help in getting rid of them.

  1. Simply get some warm water and a piece of clean towel
  2. Soak the towel in water and press it against the affected areas
  3. You may hold this for 10-20 minutes before you pat it dry.
  4. After this, you can apply any medication prescribed by the doctor

Try and avoid sexual intercourse until the blisters are completely healed. This will help in protecting you and your partner from any additional infections. This will also help in fast healing. In case you really need to indulge with your partner sexually, ensure you use protection but don’t be too rough.

You may also consider taking a balanced diet to bust your immune system and assist your body in naturally fighting any viral infection. Remember, the weaker your immune system, the more vulnerable you will always be to more infections. Even if you are taking medication, your general immune strength will really determine and play a big role in how long those penile scabs or blisters on penis will take to heal.

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