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Black spots on lips may appear on the upper or lower lip. In some cases, you may have a black spot on inside of lip that is not visible on the outer lips when you close your mouth. Lips discoloration, black dots, spots or dark marks on lips can be caused by several factors listed below including smoking, STDs on lips and cancer of the lips.

Black spots on lips are often considered an unusual occurrence, which is something that makes those who have the spots be self-conscious, as the feel that the spots are both unattractive, and embarrassing. We will also look at how to get rid of those dark spots, remove black dots on lips naturally using home remedies and permanent medical treatment solutions.

Black spots on lips, Lower Lips dark spots, Dots PICTURE
Black spots on lips, Lower Lips dark spots, Dots PICTURE

You will find that it therefore becomes normal for the people who have the black spots on lips to want to establish whether there is a cure for this condition or better yet, a home remedy that they practice at home.

Generally, there are a number of factors that can lead to the discoloration of lips, which include eating habits, the use of certain medications, as well as the modern day lifestyles being practiced by most people.

In this document, we are going to look at what causes black spots on lips, home remedies, as well as treatments that can be relied on to ensure that the spots disappear from the lips.

Causes of black spots on lips

It is always important to know why you find yourself getting the dark spots on your lips, while there are others who do not seem to be getting them.

1. Vitamin B deficiency

Anytime you notice a change in the appearance or texture of your lips, the very first thing that should concern you should be whether you are receiving enough minerals and vitamins.

A deficiency in vitamin B in your body will make your lips begin to form some dark spots. To prevent further complications, it may make sense for you to check with your primary care physician to determine whether you suffer from a deficiency of vitamin B.

2. Using old lip products e.g. lipstick

When you use old lip products such as lip balms and lipsticks, you may be exposing yourself to these types of spots.

You should not use any product that is past its expiry date. Before you can apply it on your lips, first make sure that it is still usable.

3. Excessive smoking and drinking

Smoking is capable of darkening your lips, which will in turn lead to the emergence of dark spots on this area.

“According to study conducted in 2007 by Haresaku and Colleagues, from the Fukuoka dental college, they found that smoking is one of the primary causes of black spots on lips. The results of the study established that seventy-three percent of the two hundred and thirteen males that were examined during the study, and who happened to have lip discoloration were smokers”

This study proved that the more the number of cigarettes you take in a day, the higher the chances of having discolored lips.

The dark spot that appears on the lips, and which is caused by smoking is referred to as the smoker’s melanosis. To treat this condition, it is recommended that the affected person ceases smoking immediately.

4. Excess iron in the body

It is a medical condition that can lead to the emergence of the dark spots all over your lips, and this will make the lips appear to be unhealthy.

A blood test will be required to establish if a person has too much iron in their body.

5. Lip dryness

When your lips begin to chap, it essentially means that your skin is very dry, and this may serve as great breeding grounds for infections to occur, more so if you fail to treat the chapping.

These are infections that may pave the way for spots to form on the lips

6. Hormonal imbalance

When it comes to women with black spots on lips, you may find that these spots have been brought about by hormonal changes.

According American Academy of Dermatology, “melasma is a very common skin problem, which produces this type of spots on the body”

The doctors have so far been unable to establish the true cause of this condition given that it is quite prevalent in pregnant women, as well as women that are on birth control pills. Given that the condition is quite rare in men, it is thought that hormones are the main cause, as the condition begins to correct itself within a few weeks after giving birth, or after a woman has stopped using the birth control pills in question.

Women who suffer from severe hormonal imbalance have also been noted to have a high chance of dark spots on lips that keep coming back or won’t go away. In such a case, how to get rid of black spots on lips permanently treatment may involve the use of laser after a doctor’s approval depending on the exact location of the spots.

Black spots on inside of lips, Upper lips dark spots that won't go away PICTURE
Black spots on inside of lips, Upper lips dark spots that won’t go away PICTURE

7. Sun and age spots can affect the appearance of the lips

Sun exposure is one of the primary causes of dark spots on the lips as well as on the skin. The sun will often cause the emergence of black spots all over the skin. In simple terms, the spots can be referred to as liver or age spots.

According to the National Institutes of Health, “the liver spots are colored, flat, and happen to be painless spots, which begin to present themselves around the time a person turns forty”

In many cases, the only problem caused by these spots is emotional, as they are an indication that you are indeed growing older.

It is recommended that you wear sunscreen if you would like to prevent the emergence of the spots on the skin or on the lips. Additionally, you need to make sure that you stay away from intense sunlight.

8. Amalgam tattoo

No, you do not have to wander to a tattoo parlor to end up with this kind of tattoo. Latest studies have shown that the tattoos are a very common type of lip discoloration, and although there are no national statistics, it is expected that any person who has had years of dental work done will at some point end up with this kind of tattoo.

According to a study published in Refuat Hapeh Vehashinayim, and carried out by Buchner at Tel Aviv University in Tel Aviv, Israel, “it was established that nine percent of the total United States Population had amalgam tattoos of one form or another”

Luckily, many people have amalgam tattoos on the inner parts of their mouths, and very rarely on the lips.

If you are looking at getting this type of tattoo, then you might also have it in mind that the only what of getting rid of it is by laser removal.

9. Injury to the lips

Black spots on lips can also be caused by an injury that has been sustained to the lips. Physical traumas on the lips like biting the lips, knocking the lips on a hard surface or if you have a habit of sucking the lips.

Chapped lips or irritated lips due to allergy can cause itchy lips that may become sore and heal with a black or brown scar on lips. Fixed drug eruption can also cause black spots on lips that keep coming back or won’t go away.

10. Diseases and other conditions

There are three conditions, which normally present themselves with black spots. The conditions are: Addison’s disease, Peutz-Jeghers syndrome, and Luagier-Hunziker syndrome.

11. Oral cancer

There is always a probability that the appearance of dark spots on the lips could mean that they are cancerous in nature.

According to the American Cancer Society, “it Is uncommon to hear of lip cancer cases, but they do occur from time to time. By 2012, close to thirty-five thousand people had been diagnosed with oral cancer, with forty-five percent of those diagnosed presenting it in their lips, roof of the mouth, as well as their gums”

Even though there exists other causes of dark spots appearing on the lips, the above mentioned are the most common reasons as to why a person would have dark spots in their lips, apart from wearing bad make-up and having food particles.

How to Remove Dark Spots on Lips Naturally Fast – Remedies

For many people, there is no doubt that they all crave to have natural rosy lips, as they help improve the appearance of a man or woman.

The primary causes of dark spots on the lips include allergic reactions, too much exposure to the light, chewing tobacco, taking too much caffeine, hormonal imbalances, excessive smoking, and using low-quality cosmetics.

With a little research, you will find that there exist many methods that can be used to eliminate the dark spots, without resorting to purchase very expensive treatments or products.

There are a number of natural remedies that can be used at home to assist lighten the appearance of your lips. Often, you will find that the time taken by these remedies to work will vary, and you therefore, must be committed to using them for as long as is needed.

The following are the top remedies for dark spots appearing on the lips:

1. Lemon

Lemon has for long been used in the treatment of dark spots and patches and can therefore be used to lighten lips that had become dark due to the presence of black spots on lips.

It contains a bleaching property, which works well, and it is what makes it a great remedy for use on dark spots.

How to use lemon to get rid of black spots on lips

  1. Obtain a lemon and squeeze out its juices. You will need to apply the juice on your lips each night before getting to bed.
  2. It is recommended that this remedy be observed daily for at least a month or two
  3. Alternatively, you can take a single lemon slice, apply some sugar to it, and then rub this all over your lips. The sugar will exfoliate all the dead skin cells, allowing a new fresh skin to begin appearing. The remedy needs to be repeated daily.
  4. Another option is to prepare a mixture by combining a single teaspoon of lemon juice, honey, and glycerin. The mixture you have prepared should be applied on the lips each night before turning in to bed. Repeat daily until you begin to notice some good results.

2. Rose

Rose comes with three primary medicinal properties: moisturizing, soothing, and cooling. It also assists add a natural pink tint to the lips.

What to do at home

  1. Combine a single drop of rose water, with a few teaspoons of honey and apply the blend to the discolored lips. Ensure you apply it four times a day
  2. Alternatively, combine a single teaspoon of butter, rose petal paste, milk cream, and honey. The resulting blend should be applied on the lips, and then gently scrubbed. Repeat it twice a week
  3. Gather a few rose petals and soak them in raw milk in a glass jar for at least an hour. From here, proceed to grind the rose petals to form a smooth paste. Take a single teaspoon of honey and a pinch of saffron, and combine it to the rose petals paste. Use your fingers to apply the paste to your lips, and let it stay there for at least fifteen minutes. Make sure you repeat two times each day

3. Olive oil

It can also be relied on to keep the lips vibrant and lively, given that it comes with very many essential nutrients, that help in nurturing the lips, and ensuring they are properly moisturized. It assists in keeping them soft, and looking very beautiful.

What to do at home

  1. Obtain a drop of extra virgin oil, and apply two drops to your lips, before making sure you massage them gently. You must make sure you do this daily before you can go to bed.
  2. Another option is to mix a single teaspoon of sugar to a few drops of olive oil. Take the mixture and use it to scrub the lips at least once each week. A simple recipe helps in restoring the natural lip color, as well as its shine within two months.

4. Sugar

A common ingredient found in all homes, and which comes in handy when exfoliating the lips to remove the dead skin cells, which may make them appear dull, dark, and spotty.

Sugar is essentially the best exfoliating agent you can ever need.

How to use sugar to get rid of dark marks on lips and remove lips discoloration

  1. Blend two teaspoons of butter and three of granulated sugar, which should help you come up with a good paste. Use this butter and sugar paste to rub your lips gently, at least once a week, until you notice your lips begin to regain their shine and color.
  2. An alternative is to prepare a scrub by combining a single teaspoon of granulated sugar, a single teaspoon of almond oil, and one of honey. The blend should be used in scrubbing the lips once each week.
  3. Alternatively, combine cold cream with sugar, and proceed to rub your lips with it once a week before sleeping.

5. Beetroot

A home ingredient that is readily available and helps do away with the black spots on lips. The root comes with bleaching properties (natural), which come in handy in lightening the lips.

What to use it as a home remedy on lips

  1. Obtain fresh beetroot and apply it on the lips each night before heading to bed. The next morning, ensure you wash it off using cold water. Beetroot comes with a natural red color, which will help turn your lips rosy. It is recommended that you repeat this each night.
  2. Alternatively, combine equal amounts of carrot and beetroot juice, and use it on the dark spotted lips. Massage your lips gently and ensure you leave the juice in place for at least ten minutes before using warm water to rinse it off. Repeat this once each week for three weeks
Lip Discoloration PICTURE
Lip Discoloration PICTURE

6. Pomegranate

It helps in nourishing and moisturizing lips that are dry, and dehydrated, and is therefore considered to be a good remedy for treating dark spots on lips.

How to use it

  1. Combine a single teaspoon of pomegranate seeds (crushed), with a little milk, and rose water. Take this paste and apply it to the lips, before making sure you scrub them in a gentle manner. Use warm water to wash the paste, and repeat application each day.
  2. Alternatively, you can combine equal portions of carrot juice, pomegranate juice, and beetroot juice. The resulting combination should be applied to the dark lips each day.

7. Cucumber

When used on the skin, it functions as a lightening agent, and this helps make the lips, and your skin to become a lighter shade.

What to do at home

  1. Take a slice of cucumber and rub it against your lips so that they absorb the cucumber juice
  2. Repeat each day for five minutes

8. Berries

Berries such as strawberries and raspberries come with vitamins and minerals, which are vital in ensuring that your lips remain vibrant and healthy.

The two types of berries can turn lips that are dark into rosy pink.

What to do at home

  1. Combine a single teaspoon of raspberry juice, with a small amount of honey and aloe vera. This paste should be taken and applied on the lips very gently. Allow the paste to remain on your lips for at least minutes before using warm water to rinse it. It is vital that you apply the past between three and four times each week
  2. Alternatively, combine two teaspoons of petroleum jelly with a single teaspoon of raspberry. The mixture can be used as lip balm, and applied twice a day.

 9. Honey

It is a great moisturizing agent, which will help soften your lips, and in the process restore the lips natural color, ensuring that it eliminates all the dark spots.

What to do at home

  1. Each night before going to bed, apply some honey to your lips, and allow it to remain there through the night. When you wake up the next day, wash it off, and repeat application until your lips are back to their original color.
  2. Alternatively, combine a single teaspoon of yogurt, gram flour, and honey to come up with a paste. This paste will need to be applied on the lips, and left there for at least thirty minutes. You will then need to rinse the lips using lukewarm water. Make it a point to follow the remedy each day.

10. Almond oil

Almond oil is another remedy that is widely used for treating black spots on lips, mainly due to its moisturizing and softening properties.

How to use almond oil on upper or lower lips

  1. Combine five drops of almond oil with a single teaspoon of honey and place it on your lips every time they become dry, or begin to crack. Within a few days, the lips should become smooth, soft, and have a natural looking glow.
  2. Combine equal portions of almond and castor oil and use it to massage the lips

Following the above home remedies will help get rid of the black spots on lips, and allow your lips to bloom. However, you should understand that it may take a while for you to see some results, and as such, you will need to exercise patience, and continue try different remedies until you find one that works for your lips.

Permanent Removal of Black Spots On Lips Treatment

It is possible to treat the dark spots on lips by avoiding certain everyday things such as:

Hot foods

When you consume meals that are steaming hot, you make the condition in your lips to worsen. You should, therefore, allow your food to cool down before you can consume it.

Tea and coffee

If you are among the people who consume more than two cups of coffee a day and end up getting black spots, it is recommended that you reduce your daily intake.

Discontinuing the use of coffee and tea will help the situation to improve rapidly.

Certain medications

There are medications that can cause black spots to begin appearing on your lips. Common medications include estrogens, sulfonamide, amiodarone, and tetracyclines.

Before you start consuming any of these medications, you will need to discuss their side effects with your physician.

Alcohol and tobacco

Stopping consumption of these products come with a number of benefits, chief among them ensuring that you will not get any black spots.

When you stop using these products, you will begin to see the results immediately.


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