How to Get Rid of Dark Lips Fast: Causes | Lighten Darkness Around Lips

How to get rid of dark lips is possible using some of the steps listed below. Dark lips have become a common problem affecting many men and women across the globe. Given that women are more conscious about their facial features as well as complexion, they tend to worry about their darkened lips as compared to the men.

Causes of darkness around lips may include smoking and other factors discussed below. Below is how to lighten darkness around lips, fast permanently naturally at home and treatment.

How to get rid of dark lips

How to get rid of dark lips

It is something that often leads to women trying out different cosmetic brands on their lips in a bid to make them more beautiful, and brighter. However, you will find that a broad range of the cosmetic products available in the market only provide a temporary solution to this problem, and may at times be accompanied by side-effects that are long lasting.

The use of cosmetic products such as lip-glosses and lipsticks will, with time make your lips to become darker, and much drier. As such, you will find that the best approach you can take when looking for ways on how to lighten dark lips would be to make use of home remedies. Before looking at how to get rid of darkness around lips, let us first take a look at what makes the lips to become dark.

How to get rid of dark lips

Today, there is no doubt whatsoever that having natural rosy lips helps accentuate a woman’s beauty, while making the men more appealing to their female counterparts. It is the reason why so many people are interested in establishing the best methods for use when looking for information on how to lighten dark lips.

When looking for information on how to get rid of dark lips, you will find that there are very many natural methods that you can rely on to lighten your dark lips, without having to resort to using expensive treatments or beauty products.

Natural methods are also deemed the best, as they are safe, affordable, and easy to use. The time taken for each method to work will vary from method to method, and it is thus recommended that you use them for as long as needed for you to achieve the desired results.

The best remedies for use when looking for how to get rid of darkness around lips include:

1. Lemon

For many years, lemon has been used in treating dark spots, patches and lines present on the skin surface, as well as in assisting, lighten lips that had become dark and discolored. Lemon is a simple home remedy, but one that is highly effective in lightening dark lips because of its bleaching properties.

What to do at home

  1. Take a lemon and slice it into tiny pieces. Take a piece and gently squeeze out its juice, ensuring that you apply the juice on your lips each night before you get into bed. You will need to follow this remedy for at least two months
  2. Alternatively, take a lemon slice, sprinkle a small amount of sugar to the lemon, and gently rub it along your lips. The lemon and the sugar will exfoliate the dead skin cells present on your lips, and this will pave way for the appearance of a fresh skin surface. It is recommended that you follow the remedy each day for a few weeks
  3. Another option will be to prepare a blend by combining a single teaspoon of honey, lemon juice, and glycerin. This blend should be applied on your lips each day before turning in for bed.

2. Rose water

When used to lighten dark lips, rose comes with three primary medicinal properties: moisturizing, soothing, and cooling. Additionally, rose water in adding a natural pinkish tint to lips that were previously very dark.

What to do at home

  1. Combine a single drop of rose water with a few honey drops and apply them on your dark and discolored lips. You will need to repeat this at least three times each day
  2. Alternatively, combine a single teaspoon of rose petal paste with a single tablespoon of milk cream, butter, or honey. The blend should be applied on the lips, and then scrubbed gently. The remedy should be followed two times each day
  3. You can also soak a few rose petals in raw milk and leave them there for a full hour, before proceeding to grind them, as a way of forming a paste. Once they have formed a paste, you will need to add a pinch of saffron and a single teaspoon of honey to the paste. When they have been properly combined, take this paste and apply it on the lips, making sure that you leave it there for at least fifteen minutes for each application.

3. Olive oil

Olive oil is another natural remedy that can be used to make the lips vibrant, lively, and more radiant. It comes with many essential nutrients that assist in nurturing the lips, and the presence of a moisturizing property makes certain that your lips will remain soft and beautiful at all times.

What to do at home

  1. Take a few drops of extra virgin oil and proceed to massage them slowly on to your lips. It is important to ensure that you do this each night before sleeping
  2. You can also combine a single teaspoon of sugar with a few drops of extra virgin oil to form a fine blend. Take the blend and apply it around your darkened lips once each week. It is a recipe that is guaranteed to restore the natural color of your lips within a few weeks

4. Sugar

Another method that can be used by people looking for how to get rid of dark lips will be the use of a sugar scrub. Sugar comes in handy when you want to exfoliate all the dead skin cells that may be present on your lips.

What to do at home

  1. Combine three teaspoons of sugar with two of butter to come up with a paste. Take the paste and rub it on your lips very gently. To restore your lips natural color and shine, you will need to exfoliate once a week.
  2. Alternatively, prepare a scrub by combining a single teaspoon of honey, almond oil, and sugar. Blend them properly, and then use the mixture at least once each week.
  3. You could also combine cold cream with sugar, and then use this blend to scrub the lips once a week before sleeping.

    How to lighten dark lips

    How to lighten dark lips

5. Beetroot

Beetroot is another readily available ingredient that you can use when looking for techniques on how to get rid of dark lips. It is able to lighten dark and discolored lips thanks to its amazing bleaching properties.

What to do at home

  1. Obtain fresh beetroot juice and apply it on the lips each day before you go to bed. In the morning, ensure you wash it off using warm water. Beetroot has a natural red color that will come in handy in turning the dark lips rosy, especially when applied each night
  2. Alternatively, combine equal portions of carrot and beetroot juice and use it on your lips. You should ensure that you massage the blend into your lips, and allow it to sit there for at least ten minutes, before you can rinse it off using warm water. Application should be done daily for at least two weeks.

6. Pomegranate

This natural home remedy helps in moisturizing and nourishing lips that are dry and dehydrated, making it an ideal ingredient for helping restore the lips natural colors.

What to do at home

  1. Combine a single teaspoon of crushed pomegranate seeds, a small amount of rose water, and three teaspoons of milk cream. Ensure they blend properly before taking this scrub and applying it on your darkened lips. You should use it once each day, and ensure you use lukewarm water to wash it off your lips
  2. Additionally, you can combine equal amounts of carrot, pomegranate, and beetroot juices. Apply this blend to your lips at least once each day

7. Berries

Berries such as strawberries and raspberries come with vital vitamins and minerals, which are essential when it comes to keeping the lips looking vibrant, and healthy. You can use either strawberries or raspberries to turn the darkened lips into rosy pink.

What to do at home

  1. Combine a single teaspoon of honey, raspberry juice, and a small amount of aloe vera. Take this paste and apply it on the dark lips, allowing the paste to stay on your lips for at least ten minutes before using warm water to rinse off the paste. You will need to repeat application at least three times each week
  2. Alternatively, combine a single teaspoon of strawberry juice with two teaspoons of petroleum jelly. This particular can be used as a lip balm, and can be applied two times each day.

How to get rid of dark lips from smoking

If you happen to be a habitual smoker, then your lips may have already started to darken. One of the most aesthetically challenging effects of smoking is the discoloration of lips. To get rid of dark lips caused by smoking, the first thing you need to do is to stop smoking.

You can also use the following methods to lighten your lips naturally:

1. Toothbrush exfoliation

It is an easy way to exfoliate the lips and make them brighter, as well as shinier. All that is required of you is to apply a small amount of petroleum jelly on the lips, and then use a soft toothbrush to exfoliate your lips. You will need to run the brush around the lips in gentle circular motions for around four minutes. After exfoliating, use some warm water to wash the lips.

2. Lemon and sugar exfoliation

Another popular method used in exfoliating discolored lips. For this method, you need to take a few drops of lemon, a small amount of olive oil, and a single teaspoon of sugar, and proceed to combine them very gently.

Once they are combined, you should take the resulting paste and apply it all over your lips. Using your fingers, massage your lips gently in order to help exfoliate them properly. Once the sugar has been dissolved, and has started to fall off, use normal water to wash off the residue.

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Causes of dark lips

Before we look at how to get rid of dark lips, it is essential to take the time to understand the causes first. Individuals can get black or dark lips in two main ways: from birth, or from reasons such as over exposure to the sun, consuming excessive amounts of tea and coffee, lip dryness, smoking, and consistent lip licking.

Regardless of what could have caused this problem, proper lip care will be needed if you are to find the best techniques for use when looking for information on how to get rid of darkness around lips.

Traditionally, all women have wanted to have lips that are pinkish in appearance, a trend that has also been adopted by the modern day man. There is a common belief among most people that having reddish and pinkish lips help in enhancing the overall prettiness of the face.

A person with this type of lips will feel confident and will not be afraid to meet new people, or even hang out with both new and old friends.

So, what causes dark lips on a person? The following are the primary causes:

1. Dryness

Applying the right amounts of moisturizer helps ensure that your lips will always appear beautiful, and better as compared to those of people who do not use moisturizers. Given that the skin around the lips is exposed to weather elements, this means that it loses a lot of moisture when there is rough weather.

It is a problem that is highly compounded for people who use their mouths to breathe, as well as those who smoke on a regular basis. A person who also has the habit of consistently licking his lips will also find himself having to deal with this problem often.

When the outside weather conditions are cold windy, you could also find yourself dealing with lips that are quite dry. Dryness, when not controlled will often lead to chapping and cracking of your lips. With time, this damage will become extensive and will make your lips to become exceptionally dark.

2. Lifestyle preferences

Lifestyle habits such as regular alcohol intake, excessive use of narcotic substances, and smoking may all lead to the formation of a dark tint on your once pinkish lips. The darkness that begins to form around the inner lining of the mouth, as well as around the lips is known as smoker’s melanosis.

As you read on how to get rid of dark lips, you will find that home brews and illicit alcohol, a majority of which contains acidic substances in them often lead to the emergence of dark spots in and around the lips. Failure to consume enough water each day will also lead to dehydration.

You need to ensure that you drink enough water each day to prevent dehydration. When dehydration strikes, it affects the most sensitive areas of the body such as the face, skin, lips etc. Eventually, you will find that your lips will have become dark, and you now have to find information on how to lighten dark lips.

3. Lip products and cosmetics

Women have for many years resorted to using makeup’s and cosmetics in a bid to ensure that their lips look attractive and impressive at all times. In some cases, you will find that the products being used by the women to achieve this result often end up causing darkness around the lips.

Consistent use of inexpensive, inferior, and low-priced cosmetic products has been described as one of the primary causes of black lips. These products are manufactured using chemical items which may be harmful to the skin, more so to people who have a skin surface that is highly sensitive.

As such, over usage of these beauty products will lead to the gradual development of a dark tone all over the lips. Additionally, products that have expired may also lead to the same problem. If you have to use makeup during the day to enhance your beauty, ensure you remove it before going to bed, or you may find yourself looking for details on how to get rid of darkness around lips a second or third time.

4. Hyper-pigmentation/melasma

Melasma is another term used to refer to hyper-pigmentation that occurs on the skin, and which is as a result of having too much melanin on the skin surface. As you continue reading and finding information on how to get rid of dark lips, you will find that melanin occurs because of over exposing yourself to the sunrays.

Melanin is common in the open skin surfaces such as around the neck, hands, lips, and face. Given that the face is the most exposed area, it is the one commonly affected by the problem, which is how a person ends up having dark lips.

When the darkness around your lips has been caused by hyper-pigmentation, it will often occur in the form of symmetrical patches, even though they are not accompanied by itchiness, or development of rashes.

5. Anemia

Another reason why you may be looking for ways on how to get rid of dark lips could be that you have anemia. The condition is very common in women, especially when they are pregnant. The condition occurs when the woman’s body does not have sufficient iron levels in it.

When you have this condition, you can expect your lips to begin becoming discolored. Apart from having insufficient iron levels, the presence of fewer hemoglobin levels can also lead to anemia. Hemoglobin cells are responsible for the red color associated with blood, which means that when it is not present; your lips may start to darken.

6. Bad eating habits

People with eating disorders will in many cases find themselves having to look for techniques on how to get rid of dark lips naturally, as the foods they are consuming are not nutritional. A person with an eating disorder may find him/herself dealing with problems such as bulimia.

Bulimia is a condition that leads to repetitive vomiting. When vomiting on a repetitive basis, the corrosive action arising from the acids that are present in the stomach could lead to occurrence of long-term damage on your lips. You will, therefore, find that your lips will begin to become discolored, and eventually become black.

As you look for techniques on how to get rid of dark lips, you will find that eating a nutritious diet will also help with this problem. A nutritious diet comprises of food items such as fruits, vegetables, as well as ensuring you consume enough water each day. When combined, these three things will help a person looking for information on how to lighten dark lips, as they will ensure that the skin is able to retain moisture, and remain bright at all times.

7. Lentigo

It is a condition that affects skin surfaces in areas such as the face and your lips. The condition is characterized by the appearance of spots that are brownish or blackish in color in and around the lips. It can be caused by over-exposure to the harmful sunrays, as well as systemic conditions such as Peutz-Jeghers syndrome.

8. Toxins and poisons

Another reason why you may be looking for information on how to get rid of dark lips could be that you have recently been exposed to poisons and toxins, which may have caused your lips to become black. Exposure to metals, poisons, and toxins, has been known to cause lip darkening.

Some of the metals you need to be on the lookout for include copper, bismuth, mercury, as well as silver. Additionally, being exposed to caustic substances such as strong acids and alkalis could also lead to a chemical reaction-taking place on your lips, leading to their darkening.

Smoking causes dry sore dark lips

Smoking causes dry sore dark lips

9. Smoking

Despite the fact that there are various warnings in place that explain the health consequences that can arise from smoking, there are many people around the world who cannot just stop themselves from grabbing a cigarette every once in a while. Apart from leading to conditions such as cancer, smokers often find themselves dealing with very dark lips.

Whenever you smoke a cigarette, the lips are among the areas in your body that are the most affected. Your lips will not only develop wrinkles and fine lines, but they will also become dry, as well as dark in color. For such a person, the only viable way on how to get rid of dark lips will be to stop smoking once and for all.

10. Allergens

Allergens are common in many beauty products, especially lipsticks and lip-glosses. The allergens, most of which are the cause of the black lips are in the form of dyes and fragrances that have been infused in the cosmetic products. If you have an allergic reaction to any of the products, it will cause dark spots and lines to begin forming along your lips. As such, if you know which beauty products are causing this allergic reaction, ensure you stop using it immediately.

11. Hot beverages and caffeine

Very many people are unable to control the urge to take freshly made tea or coffee. In some cases, you will find such individuals consuming the tea or coffee even during very hot days. As much as taking hot tea or coffee stimulates the body making it possible to work for longer hours while removing the monotonous associated with most tasks, consuming them in large amounts is not recommended.

You need to ensure that you do not consume more than five cups of tea or coffee each day, as it could cause dark lips. You will notice that the more caffeine you consume in a day, the darker your lips become. Additionally, the hot caffeine may also stain your teeth, leading to the formation of a brownish coat.

Medical treatment of how to get rid of darkness around lips

Looking for ways on how to get rid of dark lips and not willing to use the home remedies discussed above? You can rely on the following medical treatments to achieve the same objective.

Laser treatment

Laser treatment is considered to be a modern dermatological technique that can be used to eliminate pigmentation, as well as brighten lips that were previously discolored. When looking for a professional to conduct this kind of treatment, you need to ensure that you consider experience, as well as the method being recommended. Laser treatments that can be used with lips include:

  1. Ablative lasers
  2. Non-ablative lasers

It is best to consult with your dermatologist to understand what each treatment will entail, before you choose your preferred treatment method.

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