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Damaged skin repair will depend on how bad the normal skin surface has been affected. When healing top skin layer referred to as the epidermis, patience is required. Some of the common Causes of skin damaging include the sun, bleaching, acne, eczema – contact dermatitis with extreme cases including skin cancer.

Broken skin repair may include natural home remedies and moisturizers like Vaseline.  Even the severe cases of broken skin due to skin cancer can be repaired with proper care and treatment.

How to repair Damaged Skin naturally using home remedies

How to repair Damaged Skin naturally using home remedies

Damaged skin mostly implies on adverse wearing out or interference with the normal function of the top layers of the skin referred to as dermis and epidermis.

There are several aspects that can damaged the skin and the damaged can occurs on any part of the body. Skin damages can be treated and the skin restored to its natural condition. The most fatal damage to the skin is skin cancer.

The human skin is the largest gland and it is made up of 3 major layers;

  1. The innermost layer known as the hypodermis which is made up fat and sub connective tissues
  2. The middle layer which is knowns as dermis which comprises of sweat glands, hair follicles and tough connective tissues.
  3. The outermost layer known as epidermis that covers the entire skin gland and has got melanocyte cells which produce melanin that determine skin colour

Common Causes of Skin Damage

Below are some of the most common causes of skin damage skin on face, neck, Arms, Legs or any other part of the body.

Sunburns, Skin cancer, Damaged skin from acne, Damaged skin from bleaching, Skin aging, Damaged, skin from scratching, Eczema on skin, Damaged skin around nails, Allergic reactions on skin

How to Repair Damaged Skin Naturally Fast at Home Using Home Remedies

One of the most natural ways of repairing skin that has been damaged is to keep a moisturized, cool and well aerated skin. Vaseline has been a natural home remedy that is best for softening and protecting damaged skin under any harsh weather circumstances.

Avoid tight clothes on the affected areas to allow proper and easy air circulation on the skin. This will help in letting the skin heal naturally and avoid sweating that way irritated the skin.

Skin damage repair cream should never be bought over the counter since some of these creams may have serious reactions to sensitive skin. Different creams are made of different ingredients and chemicals that you may react to. Consult your dermatologist to get the best cream for damaged skin

Fresh milk cream can be used as a natural home remedy to repair cracked skin. Make a mask on the using this and apply it on the skin for some time before washing it off.

You may mix it with a little bit off honey which is another great natural moisturizer. Honey also help keep away bacterial infections that may attack the already delicate skin. This will also help in purifying skin and get rid of acne.

You may also get supplements from your pharmacists that will help in giving you a healthy skin and supply your body with vitamins that are needed to help in the fast repair of damaged skin. This will also include vitamin E supplements.

Diet and what you eat will also determine how fast you will heal the skin that has been damaged from the sun rays, skin cancer or even physical trauma. Consider taking food that is rich in the following vitamins:

1. vitamin A.

Vitamin a is important due to that fact that it will aid in the generation of new skin that will naturally replace any skin that has been damaged on your body. Example of food that is rich in vitamin A include Spinach, Beef, Eggs, Broccoli, natural butter and Sweet potatoes.

2. Vitamin C.

Foods that are rich in vitamin C will provide the body with natural collagen that is important when you need you skin to heal from any damage. It will also help you have a glowing skin. Strawberries are a good example of what is rich in vitamin C

3. Vitamin E.

This is also important for healing the skin and making it glow naturally. Examples of food that are rich in vitamin E that is very important for the skin include Vegetables oils, Almonds, Avocado, Hazelnuts and Spinach

4. Vitamin K.

Vitamin K is not only good for the skin but will also help you in growing hair loss due to damaged skin. Vitamin K has also been classified by doctors under the vitamins that will help the body in keeping away skin cancer and also maintaining a good healthy heart. Broccoli, Kales, Cabbage and fermented dairy products are some of the foods that are rich in vitamin K

Hydration or takin enough water will help in keeping the skin naturally moisturized. This will also help in having healthy excretion on the skins as far as sweating is concerned.

When you don’t take enough water, you may tend to have thick, smelly and concentrated sweat that may irritate the skin and make the damage worse.

You may also consider learning how to wax at home to avoid poor waxing or shaving techniques that may damage your skin. Those with sensitive skin should perfect the art of hair removal to avoid having an itchy irritated skin due to poor waxing.

Razor bumps on the skin may also damage your skin due to constant scratching of the poorly shaved areas of the body including the pubic area, bikini line and the groin. You should there for look into how to get rid of razor burns so that you do not suffer any skin damage related to this

According to eczemarelief.org, “Dry and red skin on face is not normal. Some people have naturally dry skin but with a good moisturizer it never gets to a point where it becomes red. Dry red skin on face is mostly a result of the skin surface losing moisture”

Damaged Skin on Face, Arms and Legs

Damaged skin takes time to heal depending on the location on the skin. Generally, the skin that covers the face heals faster than the rest of the body. There are several causes of damaged skin most of them are self-inflicted while others are accidental. Some occur gradually while others are instant.

Causes of damaged skin

Causes of damaged skin

Common Factors That Cause Skin Damage

Most of this details are purposely to help you in simple tips of self-diagnosis. Always remember that if you discover that you have itchy irritating symptoms on the skin that won’t go away or keep coming back, seek the advice of a qualified dermatologist.

Signs of Sunburns

Sunburns are caused by UV rays that penetrate the skin and damage it. The UV rays are cable of penetrating deep into the skin and even alter the DNA. Sun burns are characterized by painful red skin or blisters. In some cases, the symptoms may be accompanied by headache, lethargy and fever.

According to webmd, “Over the years, too much time outdoors can put you at risk for wrinkles, age spots, scaly patches called actinic keratosis, and skin cancer”

Skin Cancer

According to dermatologists analytics, even too much exposure to sunlight can cause skin cancer. Skin cancer is also known as melanoma and specialist can always identify them by the presence of lesions that are precancerous.

In some cases, they may appear as a simple mole on your skin that won’t go away. One of the best way of preventing skin cancer is to avoid too much exposure of the skin to the sun. This will also keep you safe from having a damaged skin.

Damaged Skin from Acne

Acne is an inflammatory skin condition that is not fatal but results into skin damage. The inflammations are caused by sebum mixed with sweat and dirt that clog the pores. The scars left behind by acne are deep and damaged the upper layer of the skin.

Acne scars will leave black marks on the skin and sometimes trenches or deep scars. If they occur on the face they will interfere with your Natural beauty. Women usually use concealers to hide the scars or spots left behind by acne after they heal.

There are different types of mediation for acne depending on the severances. Your dermatologist will prescribe the best medication or treatment method for your acne after observing its effects.

Damaged Skin from Bleaching

It is important to be comfortable in your skin because bleaching the skin ends up damaging it as you grow older. Bleaching chemicals like steroids, hydroquinone, monobenzone and mercury endanger your skin after prolonged exposure.

The skin becomes thin and tears easily. It changes texture and the pigmentation increases. A condition known as hyperpigmentation.

Skin Aging

Skin aging becomes damaged naturally because it becomes thinner, wrinkles and the pigmentation also varies. Some older people get spots and marks on their skin which are known as age spots. Age catches up with everyone but it is possible to keep a healthy skin even as you grow older.

Damaged Skin from Scratching

Scratching the skin depletes the protective layer that covers it and exposes your skin to entry of pathogens. However itchy your skin is avoiding scratching. If it is caused by a mosquito bite, then apply cold water to the itchy part and rub it in a circular motion. Itchy skin caused by allergy can be relieved by taking antihistamine.

Eczema on Skin

The most common type of eczema on the skin is contact dermatitis. This also include situations where the skin may react when it comes into contact with foreign bodies including chemicals.

Severe cases of skin reactions to chemicals may include peeling and the skin falling off. Eczema can be managed with proper home remedies and treatment. It is also advisable to always check the components of any body lotion before you apply it on sensitive skin.

Can Waxing Damage Your sSkin?

Waxing is a long lasting solution to hair removal so most people prefer it to other methods. However, if you have sensitive skin then regular waxing can lead to skin damage. Skin around the genital area is more sensitive than any other part of the skin hence gets easily damaged.

Damaged Skin Peeling Around Nails

Damaged skin around nails is caused by poor nutrition, lack of sufficient water in the body, biting nails and ripping off lose skin rather than trimming it off with a nail cutter. There is a lot of dead skin that forms around the nails. One is encouraged to do manicure or pedicure on their hands and legs instead of just yanking out the hanging flesh.

Allergic Reactions on Skin

Allergic reactions cause skin damage because they are accompanied by rashes and inflammations. Most allergic reactions are hereditary. People are born with them and it is unfortunate that there is nothing much you can do about it except avoid the allergens.

The Good news is doctor are able to conduct a patch test that helps you know all the possible allergens to avoid. If you suspect that you have allergies, then it is important to get diagnosed because prevention is always better than cure.


Pregnant women are prone to getting white spots on skin due to fungal infection. The immune system of a woman is compromised during pregnancy and it is lower than usual.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Sexually transmitted diseases that are viral like the herpes simplex virus causes cold sores that are white and bumpy that erupt around the mouth area.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide can be used to prevent infection on open wounds but if the concentration is to high then your skin will absorb the peroxide and a local skin capillary embolism that appears as a temporary whitening of the skin will form.


Vitiligo is a skin disease that forms white patches on the skin when melanocyte cells, that are responsible for the production of melanin, stop functioning. These patches first appear as small white spots on skin then become larger with time.

Vitiligo patches are prone to sun burns. This disease can affect any part of the body. It does not have an age limit.

People who have family history of vitiligo, premature graying of hair or autoimmune disease likes hashimoto’s thyroiditis are more prone to getting vitiligo.

There are cosmetics that can be used to conceal the white patches. The skin can be grafted or have re-pigmentation induced. Vitiligo is categorized according to the part of the body that they affect. The following are types of vitiligo;

  1. Vulgaris Vitiligo –The white patches spread on different parts of the body.
  2. Acrofacial Vitiligo – affects fingers and toes only
  3. Universal Vitiligo –affects the entire body.
  4. Focal Vitiligo –only one part of the body is affected.
  5. Segmental Vitiligo – only one side of the body is covered in white patches.

Yeast Infection

Yeast exists naturally on the skin. Overgrowth of this yeast causes infection on the skin that is characterized by small white spots. A condition known as Tinea versicolor is caused by overgrowth of yeast called Malassezia furfur. You may also look at yeast infection on skin

Allergic reaction

Allergic reactions are caused by hypersensitive immune systems that react to non-harmful agents in the body. These agents maybe in form of what you eat, chemicals, pollen grains or dust. They can occur externally or internally but the effect will still show on the skin.


Friction is simply caused by rubbing of skin against a surface. Clothes that are made from wool or synthetic fiber can cause friction between your skin and the fabric and lead to the formation of tiny red spots on skin that itch. Sweating makes the itching even more pronounced. That is why people are discouraged from wearing tight clothes on a hot day unless they are made from cotton.


It is a skin condition caused by extra production of skin cells that pile and form red bumps with silvery patches around them.

Schamberg’s Disease

This is a skin condition cause by blood vessels leaking close to the skin. The leaked blood interferes with normal skin color and appears as red patches on the surface of the skin.


Parasites are living organism that depend on other organism for survival. Mosquitoes, bedbugs, fleas and mites are example of parasites that bred in our homes. The bites from these insects are characterized by red itchy spots on skin.

Flea bites turn white when pressed while mite bites have a hard surrounding. Treatment for these bites include hydrocortisone. Mosquito bites can heal on their own provided that you don’t scratch them and cause secondary infection.


Eczema is a skin condition believed to be caused by overactive immune system that responds aggressively to irritants like allergies, weather, synthetic fiber or chemicals. Eczema causes on skin that are itchy, dry and flaky. These patches mostly occur on elbows and knees but can be found anywhere on the body

Heat rash

Heat rash are caused by excessive heat and sweating on the body. They are common on the buttocks and necks of babies as well as obsess adults and children. When you have the red heat rash, further sweating, makes the condition even worse since it itches even more. You should apply baby powder on the rash and avoid covering the area with any piece of cloth.

Sun allergy

Sun allergy is a type of allergy that indicates that your skin has not been exposed to sun for a long time. People who experience winter or live in the north pole are likely to get sun allergy when exposed to sun rays. The skin will react to sun resulting into red spots that damage the skin.

Keratosis pilaris

It is a skin condition characterized by red rashes that occurs when skin cells block hair follicles and trap hair beneath the skin. These rashes are usually not itchy. They can be removed by exfoliation of the skin. Either lactic acid or glycolic acid is efficient for exfoliation of damaged skin by this skin condition.

White spots on skin, causes, Meaning

White spots on skin that are not itchy are likely to be caused by a skin condition known as milieu. Milia emanate from under the skin and appear on the surface as tiny spots.

They are very common in babies/newborns and they are called milk spots when they appear on a baby’s skin even though breastmilk has nothing to do with them.

The milia are caused by dead skin made of keratin that gets trapped under the skin due to under developed skin in babies. But as for adults, they get milia due to thickened skin after damage by ultra violet rays from the sun.

White spots on skin caused by other agents are usually itchy. They are as follows;

Red spots on skin, causes meaning

Red spots on skin have various causes and meaning. Some of these causes damage the skin mostly by leaving behind black scars or spots after healing. This is as a result of hyperpigmentation.

Some of the red spots on skin are very itchy or may not be itchy at all depending on the causative agent. The following are reasons and meanings of red spots on skin.

Brown spots on skin, causes, meaning

Brown spots on skin are mostly found on the skin of old people. They are known as age spots or liver spots. These spots are not harmful but they are mostly caused by exposure to sun rays over the years. However, damaged in the liver can also cause brown spots on skin but note that these are not liver spots.

Skin cancer also causes brown spots on skin after damaging the skin. You may ignore brown spots yet they are cancerous. The following is a list of signs and symptoms to watch out for cancerous spots;

  1. It is not symmetrical i.e. does not have a well-defined shape.
  2. They have un even borders
  3. The colour of the growth is not uniform
  4. The skin growth increase in size rapidly
  5. A skin growth that is scaly, peeling off, bleeds or scabs

Black spots on skin, causes meaning

Black spots or skin are a sign of hyper-pigmentation that are caused by over production of melanin in a certain section of the skin. After rashes and inflammation on the skin heal, they leave behind black spots on the skin. Acne can also occur in form of blackheads that damage the skin and make it look ugly.

You may also look at Causes of red spots on skin and White spots on skin, causes, Meaning to help in treating some of the common conditions that may attack your skin.


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