How to Grow Pubic Hair Fast, Get Full Bush Quickly

How to grow pubic hair fast naturally and have longer thicker full bush down there quickly in a week, depends on how you handle the skin around the pubic area. In most cases, teenagers look for ways to make their pubic hair grow faster since they link it to maturity.

Some adults may want to grow pubic hair naturally fast after shaving depending on their partners needs and likes. While some people find it not hygienic to keep a bush down there, some find groin pubic hair attractive.

How to grow long thick pubic hair in a week, faster in Female, Male

How to grow long thick pubic hair in a week, faster in Female, Male

Growing hair down there in some cases can be frustrating and difficult since it will also depend on your genes. Naturally, some people don’t just grow hair that fast unlike others who grow hair without any struggles.

When Should Pubic Hair Start Growing

Most teenagers will always ask the following questions based on their personal feelings about their body changes;

“when should you start growing pubic hair?”

“how can I grow pubic hair fast, longer and thicker”

“what can I do to have more pubic hair down there quickly”

Naturally, the human body has hormones that are designed in a way to regulate hair growth. Teenagers will start noticing hair growth during the puberty stage. The puberty stage in both girls and boys tend to happen fast and patience is the ultimate key for full body growth.

How the hair will grow will in one way or the other be dictated by the structure of the testosterone hormones and how they are balanced. The more you age from teenage into adult hood the more the pubic hair will also grow thicker, fuller and longer.

This will vary in every individual and any teenage should never be worried if he/she is experiencing a delay in growth of pubic area. However, girls tend to grow pubic hair faster compared to boys.

The same case applies to the beards and armpit hair It is also important to note that unlike the rest of the body, pubic hair don’t grow so long and they are always strong, thick and tough compared to hair found on other parts of the body.

So when you are still a teenage relax, the hair down there will grow to a point that you may even think of cutting and streaming it to the size you want. In fact, most adults will even shave pubic hair depending on what they like.

However, there are teenagers who take bath together and lough at others in school just because they have not grown pubic hair. Peer pressure in this cases will always make such boys and girls to look for ways on how to grow pubic hair fast so that they can fit with the so called mature group.

When you are experiencing such ridicules from the big girls and boys in school, always remember, every parent went through all that and you should never be afraid to seek your guardian’s advice about it.

Reasons for Having Short Pubic Hair

This is a situation that is not only common among teenagers but also in adults, some adults want to have lots of hair down there but will always wonder why can’t their pubic hair grow longer, fuller and thicker.

Well in this case, it is important to note that pubic hair growth is dictated by a hormone the hormones known as androgen and like we stated earlier this plays a major role in the amount of hair you will have and how fast it will grow.

In fact, some people don’t grow pubic hair at all and in such cases, they should never be embarrassed about it. In such cases, those individuals have been noted to have a condition described as hormonal deficiency that affects the hair growth.

One of the major symptoms of less or lack of the androgen hormone in the body is less or poor hair growth. If an individual’s body is producing less of the androgen hormone, then you will definitely have less or no growth of the pubic hair.

Are There People Born With no Pubic Hair?

Yes, in-fact there are people who don’t grow any hay at all. Alopecia is a condition were some individuals cannot just grow hair in any part of the body. Alopecia is an autoimmune disorder that in severe cases, can cause the loss of all hair including the eye lashes and the eyebrows.

According to en.wikipedia,There is no standard treatment for alopecia universalis. Many treatments have been explored, including immunomodulatory agents such as imiquimod. Tofacitinib citrate may also have benefits. In June 2014, it was reported that a 25 year old man with almost no hair on his body grew a full head of hair, and eyebrows, eyelashes, facial, armpit and other hair, following 8 months of treatment”

This question is also common among young people in their puberty stage. In some cases, it is okay for one to grow pubic hair later while some may have theirs early. As a teenager remember growing pubic hair during puberty in girls will always come as early as 12-14 years of age while some boys may delay up to the age of 16 before they can grow some pubes.

How to grow pubic hair fast naturally without itching

How to grow pubic hair fast naturally without itching

Will my Pubic Hair Grow Faster, Longer, Curlier and Thicker After Shaving?

Some individuals especially the new ones may fear shaving pubes due to the common saying that “the more you shave the more you will experience faster hair growth”

Well the fact about this is that, just like any other part of the body – pubic hair will definitely have to grow at some point after shaving.

The only permanent solutions when you want to get rid of pubic hair permanently is the lesser wchich has to be done by experienced doctors and is expensive. This will involve the blockage of the hair pore so that hair does not grow there again.

So this myth that shaving makes hair grow back more is not really practical. In-fact, some people will even take more time before they grow hair back.

How you shave treat the skin in the pubic area or any other area in the body after shaving will however dictate how the hair will grow back. If you use blunt blades to shave the pubic area, then you will definitely risk having razor bumps and pumps on the pubic area.

You might also want to try looking at how to wax at home in order to avoid any bad effects on the skin after the whole process. If you shave more often, you might also want to look at how to remove ingrown hair since at some point you will have them.

Also not that the major aim of shaving or waxing is to groom and look nice as some people may put it but it is never a guarantee that you will have more hair after shaving any part of your body. So never shave with that aim.

How to Grow Pubic Hair Fast, Longer and Get Curlier Thicker Bush Down There at Home

Growing the more hair in your pubic area faster and making them look thicker and curlier quickly can be achieved at home with a few steps listed below. However, always remember that how to grow pubes overnight will depend on your genes as well as how you groom and how you treat the skin below your abdomen and groin area.

1. Warm Compress

This will help in stimulating the pores in the pubic area, help them in opening up and allow easy growth of hair in the pubic area. Yu may use the following simple steps to achieve this.

  1. Get a clean towel
  2. Get some warm water that is not too hot to damage your skin
  3. Soak the hand towel in the bucket and use it to gently massage the pubic area
  4. Repeat this gently at once in a day before you go to bed. This will help you achieve the desired results.

2. Massaging will help in growing hair naturally faster

One of the best ways to naturally grow hair fast is massaging. Massaging the pubic area after washing it will help a lot in stimulating and increasing the blood flow which is vital in boosting and opening the hair follicles and encouraging hair growth.

Below are some simple steps you may use at home that will help you in massaging the pubic area in order to grow more hair in the pubic area;

  1. Take a warm shower to activate your blood floor. Remember hot water will help in stimulating the pores and help them open up with a lot of ease
  2. Pat yourself dry and apply some baby oil in the pubic area
  3. Begin to massage slowly in circular motions and make sure you are gentle while at it. If you can have your partner help you with it that will also be fine
  4. You may repeat the process as many times as you can but each session can be done for about 30 minutes for better results

3. Vaseline

Applying Vaseline gently while massaging the area can also help you with better results. It is only a simple process of massaging the pubic area using Vaseline until you get a warm feeling. Repeat this as often as you can foe about 15-30 minuses every day to achieve better results.

  1. Wash the pubic area with warm water or take a warm shower
  2. Pat the area dry and apply a pinch of Vaseline in the pubic area
  3. Massage for about 15-30 minutes in slow circular motions
  4. You may then wipe it off with a warm hand towel and go to bed
  5. Best results are achieved at night since your body has less activities and growth is more efficient at this time

4. Loose clothes

Try and put on loose clothes after performing any of the above steps as this will aid a lot n providing healthy natural fresh air and room for hair growth.

Tight clothes will make you sweat. The sweat will then clog or stagnate in the hair pores and block the hair follicles making it difficult for hair to grow as required.

5. Steaming

Steaming just like using warm massage and compress will help in more blood flow in any part of the body. The best way to steam the pubic area is is to use the following simple steps.

  1. Take a shower and pat yourself dry
  2. Get some steaming water and sit close to it.

WARNING: this process should be done with a lot of care since you don’t want to get hot water burns and blisters. We recommend warm water compress as compared to this proses.

People who can best perform this process are only those women who have done vaginal steaming before and are familiar with the process.

6. Diet

What you eat will also determine how fat your hair will grow. The hair is composed of proteins and also keratin elements that help it in looking firm and good. When you don’t take food that is rich I proteins, there is no way you will achieve your target.

Vitamin D is also essential in providing fast healthy thicker and curly hair growth. Consider adding that in your diet for better healthy hair growth.

Some of the food that will make your hair grow fast and quickly include Salmon wchich is also rich in natural omega 3 fatty acids, Eggs, Sweet potatoes, Almonds and Even avocados are really good for fast hair growth.

According to webmd, “Fish like salmon, sardines, and mackerel are packed with healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Your body can’t make these healthy fats, so you have to get them from food or supplements. They help protect you from disease, but your body also needs them to grow hair and keep it shiny and full”

7. Supplements

You can also see a pharmacist near you that will advise on the supplements that you can take to help boost the prober hormones required for fast hair growth. A good example includes the DHEA supplements that will help in supporting the testosterone hormones thus aiding in good hair growth.

8. Hydration

Always take lots of water as required. Remember the body in general must be hydrated in-order to achieve any goal. A well hydrated body will also ease the process of metabolism ad digestion of any food that you take.

Taking enough water will also help in healthy excretion and sweating that is not concentrated. Remember that if you don’t drink enough water needed by the body, you sweat will be too thick and concentrated and this will block the hair pores on your skin thus affecting the hair growth as required.

Can I use Rogaine to grow pubic hair?

Over the past couple of years, Rogaine has been used to grow hair when taken orally. However, the original purpose was meant to aid in stabilizing individuals with high blood pressure issues.

On that note, it is not advisable to take any of this drug orally just to grow your hair since there might be cases were it might react negatively with your body. NOTE: DO NOT USE THIS AT HOME whatsoever and if you have to, do it under the doctor’s watch, advice and supervision.

At, we care about your general health and normally we do not recommend the use of any drugs at home without having your doctor check and approve of it. If this is done, not that will not be liable for any consequence whatsoever.

Growing and Grooming Pubic Hair for Charity

This may sound strange but believe it or not, there are organizations like the Canada cancer society that always seek voluntary women to come together and cut their pubic area in a way to entice and campaign for the noble course of creating awareness about the ovarian cancer wchich many women don’t know about.

This is more or less the same as those men who keep their beards during the seasons were they try to create awareness about how to deal with prostate cancer, symptoms and care. Prostate cancer is one of the most rising cases in men and creating awareness helps in dealing with the symptoms at an early stage.

Growth of Pubic Area After Menopause

Even at menopause or after menopause, hair growth in the pubic area will still be determine by the level of the testosterone hormones in your body. It is a fact that most people in their old age will start losing hair not only in the pubic area but also in other parts of the body.

The urge of sexual pleasures at this age will also decrease sharply thus it is a fact that most adults after menopause would care less about how their pubes look like. Hair loss will also be experience in other areas of the body like the scalp, armpits and even the chin during old age.

Growing pubic area without itching

When looking for how to grow pubic hair back without itching, it is important to note that itchy pubic area after shaving or razor bumps on pubic area depends on how you shave.

Poor shaving techniques will definitely cause ingrown hairs in the pubic area. This can cause itchy pumps in the pubic area after shaving that will not go away or may keep coming back.

In some cases, those bumps can be severe and when infected, the can multiply such that you may even confuse them with sexually transmitted diseases.

Here are a few tips that will help you avoid itching when growing back pubic hair

  1. Always use sterilised shaving blades and do not share this with anyone.
  2. Avoid using the same blade to shave severally since it may be not in good shape over time
  3. Avoid using blunt objects when shaving the pubic area and any other part of the body as this will encourage ingrown hairs
  4. Use medically approved after shaving creams that will help in getting rid of any infections

The tips above will also help you in getting rid of itchy razor bumps in the pubic area that can be irritating and embarrassing.


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