Lump on Penis – Small, Large, Causes, Treatment

Lump on penis can have several causes as discussed here including sexually transmitted diseases. It may be hard, large, soft, or movable. Itchy lump on penile shaft, Foreskin or penis head that is filled with pus should be checked by a doctor immediately.

You may also have yeast infection bumps on the penis as a result of male candidiasis. Bumps around the penile head could also be penile papules or Fordyce spots on penis.

It is important to identify the major causes of lumps on the penis for you to get peace of mind.

Having this information provides a way forward to making decisions on the kind of physicians you should see, as well as identify ways important in determining how you can effectively take care of yourself

Pimple on Penis

Pimple on the penis is best defined as a little small bump on penis that is filled with pus, and in most cases, they are white in color. In most cases, they disappear on their own.

However, if a pimple won’t go away and keeps spreading into a cluster of small bumps on the penile shaft, seek medical advice.

What causes a pimple on penis foreskin, shaft or penile head? Penile pimples develop when bacteria invade the skin on the penis area.

The pimples clear on their own and are not harmful, and the pus is likely to come out on its own as well only if there are no underlying infections.

Other types of pimples are yellow and are also filled with pus. These pimples come as a result of oil glands clogging on the skin. They are also not harmful to the body and with time they get to clear from the body.

These forms of pimples should not create any cause for alarm among the men who have them

When a pimple on penis becomes itchy, painful and starts spreading while forming a cluster of pimples or lumps that are filled with fluids, you should have them checked by a doctor.

Men with itchy pimples on penis shaft are not likely to experience any form of comfort. It may become unbearable for you to stay in a public place when you have an irritating and itchy pimple on your penis because you are likely to scratch it, and this may be very humiliating and uncomfortable.

Men are thus encouraged to ensure that they avoid any form of infections that would affect their genitals, as well as have good hygiene that would make the lumps on their penis look better.

As soon as a man notes that he has a red pimple on the penis, he should seek advice from a medical doctor who is expected to examine and treat the condition before it worsens.

Painful Lump on penis filled with pus
Painful Lump on penis filled with pus

Pea Sized Lump on Penis

Pea-sized These occur on penis skin and in most cases, they have been found to be painless and of less concern.

Men with these pea lumps may be concerned that they have infections, but in some situations, these should not so much create cause for alarm. These lumps may be pale red in color, and in some men, they appear to be yellow.

It is, essential for individuals to understand that scratching of these pea lumps may make them bigger than they were.

Such lumps may spread to a large area resulting in the development of large lumps may require the man to seek medical attention.

When you see a pea lump in your penis, be less worried unless you have been having cases of STIs. Seek medical advice for proper diagnosis in case you are not certain

Large Lumps on penis

The larger the lumps become, the more the men with such lumps should become worried. Itching of the lumps means that there is a risk of getting infections, and with this, there is a need for the men to examine their conditions clearly with the help of an experienced physician

Zits in the men’s genitals become worse and thus lead to the development of cysts that are very harmful to the body. Sometimes, large lumps appear on the penile head. These appear to be ring-shaped and sometimes shiny.

Although the large lumps may come as a result of disturbing the pea lumps, you should be worried that you have them on your penis. You need to visit the hospital immediately you feel the lumps are becoming large just in case they may be infections.

Bump on Pubic Area

Bumps may also occur as a result of poor shaving technique used to remove the pubic hair. Most especially when a razor is used, there are higher chances that bumps will develop and affect the pubic area to a very great extent.

Thus, men should identify better hair removal techniques that are not likely to affect their penis in any way causing bumps. In instances when the use of razor has been used to shave the pubic hair and bumps have developed.

It would be advised for the men to take charge and consider using anti-itch medications for purposes of reducing irritation. This would help in minimizing the chances of experiencing more large lumps that may result to infections of the penis.

Bumps are sometimes caused by cancer of the penis, and this means that there are chances that the bump you are experiencing may not be normal.

This calls for the medical examination in instances when an individual recognizes the unique form of bumps on the penis.

This is an important step in preventing diseases that would cause much harm when care is not taken as early as possible.

Large painful Bump on penis, Picture
Large painful Bump on penis, Picture

Difference between Lump on Penis and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

When an individual recognizes a pimple on the penis, he may get confused as he may not be in a position to examine the kind of a pimple it is.

When you come to a realization that your penis is not as it is expected to be, meaning that there are weird infections, you should consider finding strategies to identify what kind of infection it is.

Some STD signs are not recognized early and one an individual may ignore them thinking that they are just pimples.

There is a need for you to identify a doctor whom you are not afraid of to ensure that he helps in identifying whether any form of treatment should be offered to you.

Some people have been cleared of STDs, and they still experience pimples and lumps on penis.

Such people should get so much worried but still, should consider finding out whether they have cancer of the penis.

If it turns out that they are alright, then there should be no worry as the pimples are likely to clear out after a period

Pimples associated with the STD infections are likely to cause sores and rashes that look completely different from the normal pimples.

Thus, testing whether the pimples are normal or are related to ay developments of STDs should be the best strategy for any individual experiencing abnormality on his penis.

It is important for men to research and come up with information on how they can effectively differentiate the kind of pimples they have on their penis.

One of the main aspects you may consider evaluating whether the pimples are normal or not is the pain of the abnormal pimples.

Painful Lump on Penis with – Symptoms

Lump on penis may be painful, and a man with such painful lumps experiences instances of itchiness as well as extensive swelling. Some of the main infections that cause painful penile bumps and include;

Scabies, which is a sexually transmitted infection that causes an individual to experience pain on the scrotum, most especially because of scratching. Such an infection can be treated and would, in turn, reduce the degree to which the lumps develop on the individual’s penis.

Men who are exposed to a lot of heat are likely to sweat so much, a situation that may result in different forms of infections on the body. The penis gets infected because of the excessive sweating, leading to the development of lumps.

Condylomata lata is another form of the sexually transmitted disease that creates a possible development of a lump on the penis. The lumps caused as a result of this infection are dark colored, and some are skin-colored.

The disease is malignant especially in genital areas that are moist, and it causes painful lumps. Sometimes, these lumps may ulcerate resulting to too much penis pain.

This form of STI is highly related to syphilis, and it requires medication in its early stages to avoid complications.

A seborrheic keratosis is a form of infection that has been found to worsen as it develops on the penis.

During the primary infection stages, the infected person feels less pain, but as time goes by, the lumps become more visible, and the pain increases slightly.

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Painless Lumps on Penis with Their Symptoms

You may have a painless lump on penis, some of which do not necessarily require medical attention. Some of the reasons associated with painless lumps on the penis include;

  1. Development of Fordyce spots that appear to be yellow in color and sometimes white. These spots do not harm the individual, and thus any man who experiences such should not worry much as they tend to disappear after some time.
  2. The penile head is prone to having whitish papules, which result from the development of pearly penile papules that are not harmful and are as well painless.
  3. Men with such papules are not likely to experience any changes as these do not clear out as other forms of lumps. Thus, men who experience these forms of lumps on their penis should not be alarmed in any way.
  4. Swelling of the skin from other parts of the body may result in swelling of the penis causing lumps which in most cases are harmless and painful.
  5. A good example is the development of Molluscumcontagiosum, which refers to the pea lumps that are usually smooth and look the same as the foreskin.
  6. Penile Milia is an occurrence of lesions that remove white contents, and it is less common among men. The lesions are not painful, and a needle can be used to remove the white contents that appear inside the lesions.
  7. However, you have to exercise caution when using the needle to remove the content to any form of infection just in case there are any forms of infections other than the normal
  8. Some men find themselves with skin tags on penis that are harmless and painless.
  9. These are better left alone because rubbing those makes them become worse.
  10. These tags are not common on the penis. A skin tag on the penis may look or appear like a lump on the penis when in its early stages.

Possible Causes of Lump on Penis

STIs are the primary causes of lumps on a man’s penis. A good example is the genital warts infection that is very common among men, and even though this form of STI is not painful, it may cause a lump or small little lumps on the penis. This needs a doctor’s prescription to avoid more complications

Initially, genital warts are painless, and they are not so regular on the penis, but later after some time they increase in number and spread over a large area.

Infections of the human papillomavirus (HPV) causes genital warts and thus you have to ensure that the lump on your penis does not result in other infections.

Lumps may come along as a result of infected hair follicles on the penile skin. This can make This will definitely cause a lump on the penis that may be filled with fluids. The hair follicles can lead to inflammation of the skin, and it is very painful for a man to experience such on his penis.

When a man gets involved in vigorous sexual activities, he may get sores that are sometimes painful and require them to visit the doctor. When these sores become worse, lumps may develop on the man’s penis, of which at times they may be small and sometimes larger.

Cancer of the penis is a condition that may cause a painless lump on the penis. It is a condition that when discovered should be treated as early as possible.

Men should thus make sure that they seek medical examinations to make sure that any form of swelling on their penis is not as a result of cancer growth that affects the penis.

Can Cancer of the Penis cause a Lump or a Bump on My Penis?

Cancer of the penis has become a common disease over the last few years, and any man should be ready to seek medical examination in case of any form of abnormality on the penis.

A lump of the penis is the main symptom of the cancer of the penis, and assuming the appearance of a pimple or the lump may be the start of spreading cancer-making it untreatable. Growth occurs on the penis resulting in damage to the tissues on the man’s genital tissues.

When not recognized early, cancer may spread to other parts of the body making the tissues weak for you to function normally.

This means that the cells break and lose their normal functionality, making it impossible for the blood to flow as expected. Despite this, some of the causes of cancer of the penis will be discussed.

  • Men who are over 50 years are likely to have cancer of the penis as opposed to the rest. If you are below this age, you might be lucky that a pimple is not cancer growth on your penis.
  • Infections with the human papillomavirus (HPV) are likely to form cancer of the penis, and this means that examination is more important especially when the skin has been affected.

Testing should be done to determine whether the lump you have is a form of cancer, and this can be done using biopsy, which is a procedure that involves the examination of tissues in the laboratory.

Scanning may also be done to show whether it is cancer, and also determine its size for an easier form of medication.

Other forms of scans may be done to help the doctor identify the functioning of other organs in the body, as there are many possibilities that the cancer of the penis may affect other organ functioning.

Treating cancer of the penis is done after the doctor, and the patients have been involved in a discussion on the aims of the treatment measures.

In some cases, treatment is done to cure the disease, sometimes to control its spread, and in some instances, to ease the symptoms especially when the cancer is in its advanced stages.

There are forms of treatments that the medical professionals have identified, and these include surgery, which is the most popular kind of treatment, but it depends on the size of cancer.

Chemotherapy is an additional type of treatment which is a process used to stop cancer from multiplying. Radiotherapy is used to kill cancer using high energy beams of radiation.

Lump on Penis Treatment

medical treatment of penile lumps should be considered after experiencing lumps that keep coming back, are slightly painful and itchy.

Different forms of treatments have been discovered, but it is important to consider visiting a physician for purposes of ensuring that the right medication given to the patient.

The following are some of the treatments that would help reduce the pain as well as eliminate the existence of lumps on the penis.

  1. The use of topical permethrin which is applied to the penis and other parts of the body has been found to be successful in treating conditions such as scabies.
  2. The lotion is applied for a week and by the time the stated days are over, the patient experiences improved results that limit the extent to which they scratch the itching areas.
  3. Topical antibiotics are another good form of treatment that is used by men experiencing lumps on their penis, as this would help heal the lumps.
  4. Antibacterial soaps can be used to help men fight the pain and remove any form of bacteria that would have affected the penis part of their body.
  5. This form of treatment becomes effective when it is used together with other forms of treatment such as the use of oral antibiotics.
  6. Conditions such as syringoma and Seborrheic keratosis can be treated using different ways.
  7. The use of surgical excision is the common one as the people who get affected are mostly young men who are thirty years and below.
  8. Electrocautery can also be used to treat the condition, as well as the use of CO2 laser. Whichever condition is used to treat the condition; it is important for patients to understand the benefits of having syringoma and Seborrheic keratosis removed from their penis.
  9. Men who have white pea lumps on the head on the penis are advised to use anti-acne medication, which has been found to be helpful in eliminating the lumps.

How to prevent and keep away Lump on Penis

Information on how to prevent lumps is essential for you and any other man at risk of getting them. Thus, you should ensure that you relate with the following aspects to make sure that you prevent their occurrence and also ensure that they do not spread.

  • You can prevent the development of lumps on the penis by practicing safe sex as this will prevent you from getting exposed to STIs.
  • Taking occasional visits to your doctor maybe a good strategy that would help prevent lumps as they will be detected early and prevented from becoming large or spreading to large areas of the penis.
  • Good hygiene will prevent you from getting lumps as pimples brought about by sweats, and poor health will not appear.
  • While removing hair from your pubic hair, you should ensure that you have identified the best methods which will not cause bumps on the penis.

Here is a video on lumps, bumps and STI related penile conditions


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