Sore on Vagina: Itchy Bumps, Blisters, Painful – Causes, Treatment

Sore on vagina lips can look like itchy vaginal blisters, pimples or bumps filled with white or clear fluid discharge depending on the cause. They mostly attack the outer vag lips that are the labia majora and labia minora.

Causes include yeast infection, STD or infected bumps and pimples on vag lips after shaving. Female genital sores can also appear around your vagina including the pubic area

Most sores on the vagina walls are a symptom of underlying health issues. It could be a bacterial infection, fungal infection, a sexual transmitted disease, an allergy or a skin condition. Some sores are bumpy other maybe sunken but they would still be painful or even itchy.

Treating the underlying health disease is the way to treating sores on the vagina. As a woman, it is important to keep your genital area clean and dry at all times whether you are having an infection or not.

This organ is very delicate. We shall discuss the causes, remedies, treatment, and prevention of sore on the vagina.

Symptoms of sore on Vagina

You may not be aware of a sore developing on your vagina until the pain and discomfort kick in. Different sores exhibit different symptoms depending on the causative agent. The following are some of the symptoms you should expect when sores on vagina catch up with you.

  1. Itchy bumps or lumps on the vagina
  2. Colored vaginal discharge that may bear a foul smell
  3. Red rashes on the labia majora and around the vagina
  4. Burning sensation in the vagina while passing urine
  5. Fluid-filled lumps that ooze and become crusty
  6. Bloody discharge from the vagina
  7. Itchy vagina
Itchy Painful Open Sore on Outer Vag Lips
Itchy Painful Open Sore on Outer Vag Lips

Get a proper diagnosis from your gynecologist whenever you experience any of these symptoms. Do not diagnose yourself at home and try treating the sores using over the counter medicine. You will end up doing more harm than good to yourself.

Causes of sore on Vagina

The vagina is a delicate organ. It is highly irritable and you may not know that you are battling it. Some practises you expose your vagina to may seem normal but ideally they are just a ticking time bomb waiting to explode on you. The following are insights into the causes of sore on the vagina.

Sex lubricants or lube

Some women need extra lubrication during sexual intercourse since there are not able to produce enough naturally. Others use lubes for changing the taste of vaginal discharge during oral sex or just for sheer pleasure.

As much as the pros sound exciting the cons of most lubes whether oil based or water based is that they irritate the delicate skin that covers the walls of the vagina.

This irritation will cause sore on the vagina or you may be tempted to scratch until it gets sore. You should not be dependent on sex lubes. Hydrating your body, exercising and eating right will make you produce enough discharge naturally when sexually aroused.


Women douche in order to improve the smell of their vagina or prevent sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. Flushing your vagina surely makes you feel clean on the inside. However, this is a very dangerous practice.

Douching kills the good bacteria in your vagina, interfere with the pH balance of your vagina. This makes you vulnerable to infections that cause sore on the vagina.

Do not allow peer pressure to force you into douching just because all your girlfriends are doing it. Your vagina may be more delicate as compared to theirs.


Doctors recommend that you should only use plain soap to wash your vagina. Soaps with strong fragrance or harsh ingredients will irritate your vagina and cause sore on the vagina. Antibacterial soap will kill even the good bacteria.

Good bacteria in the vagina prevent yeast infection by restricting overgrowth of candida albicans. Soaking yourself in a bubble bath is equally not safe. Wash your vagina with plain soap and rinse it off with plenty of water then dry it with a clean towel

Do not use strong detergents to wash your panties and G-strings as well. Wash your underwear using plain soap and rinse them with plenty of water. Dry them out in the sun and iron if possible.

Sanitary towels

The monthly period is part and parcel of a woman’s life unless she gets knocked up. Some women prefer using a perfumed sanitary towel because of the nice smell.

But that nice smell is not nice for your vagina. Chemicals used to make the fragrance will irritate the vagina and cause sore on the vagina.

Changing sanitary towel after every 4 hours depending on the volume of your flow is also very important. Staying with a pad too long will collect bacteria and get you an infection.

Staying with a pad too long will also cause chaffing and friction between the pad and the labia majora or the rest of the skin that covers the vagina. Rashes caused by sanitary towels are known as pad rash.

Dry Vagina

Vaginal dryness is caused by hormonal imbalance. Estrogen hormones are responsible for the lubrication of the vagina. A reduction in the level of estrogen will cause a reduction in the lubricant that keeps the vagina soft and supple.

These will lead to vagina dryness. You will definitely get sore on vagina if you have while your vagina is dry. A dry vagina can occur to any woman but it mostly affects women who are in menopause.

Others causes of low estrogen levels include; Breastfeeding, childbirth, douching, allergy, radiation, chemotherapy and some types of medication.

Tight Clothes

Tight clothes around the pubic area are not healthy. They make you sweat down there yet a warm moist environment is breeding ground for yeast infection. Wearing tight panties or G-strings will cause friction and irritation resulting in a sore on the vagina.

Women are encouraged to wear cotton panties that fit comfortably. They absorb sweat and allow for air circulation downtown. G- Strings, thongs, and other fabrics should be worn occasionally for only a short period of time.

Reaction to Latex in Condoms Cause Itchy Sore Vagina after Sex

Most condoms are made of latex and other chemicals which may cause irritation to the vagina. People who are allergic to latex will get rashes and sore on the vagina when they use a latex condom.

A condom serves protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease but you do not have to subject yourself to latex allergy.

There are condoms that are latex free. They are a bit more expensive but worth the sacrifice. The other option is to use female condoms. Most of them are latex free and they are equally safe.

Trimming hair

Most women trim the lawn when they are expecting company on the front yard. Others shave because they feel like it is hygienic and reduce the amount of sweat trapped in the hair.

Funny enough research has shown that pubic hair can prevent you from getting contagious skin diseases during sex. Anyway if you choose to shave then you need to do it skillfully. Poor shaving skill will cause rashes and sore on the vagina.

Ingrown hair

Ingrown hair means that hair that has been shaved or trimmed bends and grows back into the skin. It causes bumps or lumps on the skin. These bumps will become itchy, painful and pus-filled if they get infected. Visit your doctor when the ingrown hairs get infected.

Otherwise ingrown hairs that are not infected will disappear on their own. All you have to do is to dab it with a warm compress in a circular motion until the hair dislodges itself and heals.

You may apply tea tree oil on it to prevent bacterial infection. here is a picture of vaginal sore bumps and blisters with discharge;

Sore on vagina from pad rash
Sore on vagina from pad rash


None itchy sore on the vagina is one of the symptoms of syphilis, a sexually transmitted disease. It is caused by bacteria hence treated using antibiotics. Once the syphilis is treated the sore on vision will heal. It is diagnosed by testing blood samples.

If left untreated syphilis maybe fatal or increase your chances of getting other sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS. Others symptoms syphilis include; weight loss, hair loss, swollen lymph glands, headaches, fever and skin tags on labia.

Genital Warts

Genital warts are symptoms of a fatal sexually transmitted disease known as Human Papilloma Virus. They cause sore on the vagina that looks like cauliflowers. These warts are contagious and can be gotten via skin to skin contact.

They are painless and may disappear on their own then resurface after a while. These sore are lying flat on the skin. Ensure you see your doctor whenever you notice warts on your vagina.

You might get infected by warts buy someone who is infected but does not show symptoms. This is why it is very important to have protected sex and get tested for the sexually transmitted disease.

Genital Herpes

Genital herpes is caused by herpes simplex virus type 2. Genital herpes causes sore on the vagina that forms a group of lumps or bumps. They affect the labia majora, labia minora, the cervix and the vulva at large.

You should take the anti-herpes medication in order to avoid getting in the first place because it has no cure.

You might as well avoid having several sexual partners. There are medications that are used to control the symptoms but you cannot get rid of the virus once it enters your system. Sore on vagina caused by herpes is enough to infect your partner.


Pregnancy causes hormonal imbalance. The immune system of a woman also tends to be low during pregnancy hence exposing them to infections.

A pregnant woman is likely to get an infection on her vagina if they don’t observe hygiene or practice unsafe sex. The body loses its ability to fight off simple infections. This is why pregnant women take supplements that boost the immunes system.


Breastfeeding causes vaginal dryness. A dry vagina is easily irritated resulting in a sore on the vagina. Breastfeeding women are advised to use lubes in case they want to engage in sexual intercourse in order to avoid sore on the vagina and tearing due to the dryness of the vagina.


Having sex with a dry vagina will definitely lead to sore on the vagina. A dry vagina is caused by hormonal imbalance.

According to NHS,” Vaginal dryness, itching or discomfort (particularly during sex) can also sometimes be caused by a decrease in estrogen levels after the menopause. This is known as vaginal atrophy or atrophic vaginitis, and is due to the thinning of the vagina’s lining.”

Getting raped also causes sore on vagina because you do not get aroused while being raped. Rough sex can also cause irritation and tears in your vulva.


Candidiasis refers to yeast infection. It is caused by over multiplication of yeast fungi that exist naturally in the vagina. Increase in population of yeast can occur when the good bacteria that keep them in check reduce in number.

Yeast infection bumps are itchy and scratching them will make your vagina sore. You will notice that you have a yeast infection when your vaginal discharge changes the texture to cottage cheese like.

Douching and antibiotics kill good bacteria in the vagina. Subjecting your vagina to warmth and dampness also increases your chances of getting yeast infection sore on the vagina. Ensure you dry your vagina after taking a shower or after urinating.


This is a sexually transmitted disease caused by a bacterium. One of the symptoms of Trichomoniasis is itchy bumps on the vagina. Your vaginal discharge will change color to yellow-green with a frothy texture.

Some women experience a burning sensation in the vagina. The good news is that Trichomoniasis can be treated using antibiotics. Once treated the sore on vaginal will disappear and your vaginal discharge will get back to normal.

Pubic lice

Pubic lice cause sores on the vagina. They are characterized by white or grey dandruff on pubic hair. It is easy to pick these parasites from surfaces or skin contacts with people who have pubic lice.

The lice will leave blue or black stains on your undergarments. You should not share undergarments with your friends and family. You never know. As a woman, you should also maintain high standards of hygiene.


Scabies is rashes and bumps on the skin caused by mites. They bite and leave a sore on the vagina. The rashes are very itchy and cause discomfort.

You will feel like scratching your genitals every now and then. It can be very embarrassing if the urge to scratch strikes while you are in public.


Vaginitis refers to swelling on the vagina due to an infection. The infection can be caused by a fungi, bacteria or allergic irritation.

Most of the conditions that cause inflammation that we have discussed above qualify as vaginitis. The vagina is a very delicate organ hence ensures you get treated by a professional doctor who specializes in a matter related to the genitals.

Sore hair bumps on vagina removal

Home Remedies for Sore on the Vagina

Most of the causes of sores on the vagina that have been discussed can be treated using home remedies. Only the once caused by bacteria and viruses require medical attention. Most of them are lifestyle condition.

If you adopt the right lifestyle practices then you will be able to get rid of most of them. The following are a few tips on what you can do to help yourself at home. Some of these remedies will complement medication and increase your chances of healing faster.


Drinking enough water and always keeping your body hydrated saves you from a lot of health problems. A dry vagina is mostly affected by low levels of estrogen but drinking enough water can help improve the situation.

Water will flush out toxins from your body via sweating or urinating. Make it a policy that every time you go to pee your urine should be clear.

When you notice your urine is becoming conk and yellow then you definitely need to hydrate. Water will also make your skin soft and supple. You should drink at least 2 liters of water a day.

According to Mayo Clinic, “Studies have produced varying recommendations over the years. But your individual water needs depend on many factors, including your health, how active you are and where you live”

Swiss chard

Swiss chard is a vegetable that is rich in vitamins that are essential in boosting your immune system and fight infections. It contains Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and Vitamin these are such a powerful combination of nutrients that your body needs.

Chances of getting infection sores are minimal when you have the right amount of these vitamins in your body. The following is a guide to the best way of obtaining all these vitamins from Swiss chard. You will need the following;

  • Swiss chard
  • Clean water
  • Boiling Pot
  • Sieve

Here is how to use it;

  1. Wash a bunch of Swiss chard leaves to remove any dirt or plant chemicals on them.
  2. Cut them in big chunks.
  3. Add water and the Swiss chard in a boiling pot and boil for 5 minutes.
  4. Let the juice cool to a comfortable temperature for your mouth.
  5. Sieve off the Swiss chard and collect the solution into a cup.
  6. Drink the extract from the Swiss chard
  7. Drink this at least once a week

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is essential when it comes to moisturizing a dry vagina. It helps in improving the lubrication of the vagina. It also boosts your immune system to be able to fight off infections.

Taking food rich in vitamin E will make your sores heal in no time. The following are food recommended for vitamin E.

What to eat

  • Spinach, Almonds, Sesame
  • Sweet potatoes, Sunflower seeds
  • Butternut, Pumpkin
  • Avocado, Olives, Papaya
  • Hazelnuts and Mustard seeds

Baking soda

Baking soda is rich in anti-inflammatory properties that will help in getting rid of bumps on the labia majora and the vulvar in general. It also soothes itchy sores and balances the pH of the vagina.

What you need

  1. Baking Soda
  2. A basin
  3. Clean water
  4. A clean towel
  5. Petroleum jelly

What to do

  1. Pour clean water in basin till it is half full
  2. Add 2 teaspoons of baking soda in the water and stir until it dissolves completely
  3. Sit in the water and soak your vagina in it for about 5 minutes
  4. Dry your vagina using a clean piece of cloth
  5. Let the baking soda stay in your vagina for a while
  6. Then take a shower and dry yourself
  7. Apply petroleum jelly on the skin that covers the vagina in order to sooth the sores
  8. Repeat this procedure daily at least one hour before you hit the shower
  9. Observe for changes. Seek medical advice if the bumps and sores won’t go away


Eating a healthy well-balanced diet helps in boosting your immune. You should get enough proteins, carbohydrates, and vitamins.

Foods that are rich in fatty acids such as omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9 help in increasing the levels of estrogen. This will prevent vaginal dryness and irritations

What to include in your diet;

  • Sea fish, Flaxseeds
  • Fish, Olive Oil
  • Almonds, Whole Grains
  • Eggs, Broccoli, Spinach


Treatment of sores on vagina depends entirely on the causative agent. Treating the underlying health issue will treat sores. Some of the home remedies discussed above will hasten the healing process.

Candidiasis is treated using antifungal medicine. Bacterial infections are treated using antibiotics. Unfortunately, viral infections are not easy to cure.

The best way is to get injections of antivirus against them before you get the disease. They can be controlled through with medication.

General hygiene and taking care of yourself will help you a big deal. Not just on your vagina but even in other parts of your body. Avoid douching or using too many artificial lubricants on your vagina.

Wash your vagina using plain soap and do not spray any fragrance directly to your vagina. If you are menstruating, then you need to change your pads frequently.


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