White Spots on Testicles | White Dots, Little Bumps on Ball Sack | Treatment

White spots on testicles when itchy may be symptoms of yeast infection bumps on the balls sack. Small little bumps on the testicles sack can also be caused by Fordyce Spots which cannot harm you in any way. These dots and spots on scrotum may also appear as rash on balls sack that may be itchy or not itchy depending on what caused them. If infected, these scrotal spots or small white bumps on scrotum can be filled with white pus discharge and become painful to touch.

White spots are more often than not, likely to appear on the testicles. In some cases, the spots can cause itchiness, irritation, pain, discomfort, and in some cases, bumps may appear on the scrotum and the surrounding areas. Here is a picture of how white spots on testicles look like;

Bumps, White Spots on Testicles Sack, Meaning, Treatment

Bumps, White Spots on Testicles Sack, Meaning, Treatment

The white spots that appear on the testicles are usually in the shapes of domes. They often vary in sizes and might also range in color from white to cream. The color comes about due to the substances that are found secreted in the domes.

These substances are sebum and keratin tissues. The dots, in most cases, are harmless and not much of a reason to worry about. In some men, it is a cause for alarm and sometimes they get embarrassed to talk about it especially when they think that it could be as a result of Sexually Transmitted Infections.

The causes of the white spots on testicles, however, are varied and they could include sexually transmitted infections, cancer of the scrotum, allergies, fungal infections, bacterial infections, ingrown hair, poor shaving habits, poor hygiene, and injuries caused by traumas among other possible causes.

For most men, the cases of the white spots on testicles are a common thing. Some of the spots never really have adverse effects like serious itches or pain and can be said to be less harmful, while in others, each bump that appears on the scrotum could be worrying. The spots vary from individual to individual and could also be influenced by the level of immunity of the affected individuals.

A point to note, however, bumps can appear on the surface of the scrotum and some can appear on the inside of the scrotal sac.

Causes of the White spots on testicles

By looking at the symptoms, your urologist or dermatologist will be able to determine the cause of the white spots on your scrotum and will be able to administer the right medication.

However, in this article, we will discuss some of the causes of these spots, their symptoms, and how to go about treating some of them at home. Some of the causes of the white spots on scrotal sac may include but not limited to the following:

Scrotal Shaving

Shaving of hair on the scrotum is known to cause bumps in most men. Mostly, it is seen to be the skin’s allergic reaction to the blade. It could be that the blade used was not clean or the blades could have left some cuts leading to certain infections through the open sores.

Sometimes, after shaving balls hair, some hairs tend to grow inwards, under the skin. This leads to the condition called ingrown hair. The best way to avoid this is to learn how to shave balls hair

To reduce the ingrown hair condition, it is advisable to avoid certain hair removal techniques. These techniques that you should avoid include; waxing, tweezing and chemical removal of hair techniques. These methods cause minor injuries that could lead to the abnormal and unhealthy hair growth hereby referred to as hair ingrowths.

According to healthmds.org, “Clean shaved balls is also good for hygiene. When the balls are well shaved, it is easy to see any skin infection on the scrotum sack that be treated before it is too late. Keeping a bushy scrotum is also a bother since the under garments are always left sweaty and stained”

White Spots on Testicles Caused by Sexually Transmitted Infections

Some sexually transmitted infections are known to cause bumps to appear on the testicles. However, not bumps that appear on the testicles begin as a result of Sexually Transmitted Infections but could still be transmitted sexually to the sexual partners.

The most commonly known STI’s that can cause white spots to develop on the scrotum are genital warts and genital herpes. Genital herpes is caused by the herpes simplex virus. The infection can easily be transferred through a sexual intercourse with an infected partner and also from mother to child during childbirth.

Genital warts are also a viral infection and are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus infection. Genital warts can be transmitted sexually from an infected party to another.

The white spots on scrotum sac that are caused by genital warts cat at times resolve on their own. It is advisable that you visit a health care provider if you suspect that you are infected. This minimizes the risks you may face by trying to treat warts on your own.

Some of the most commonly prescribed drugs when treating warts include podofilox and trichloroacetic acid (TCA) creams, while in the case of genital herpes treatment, the most commonly prescribed drugs are acyclovir, famciclovir, and valacyclovir pills.

The white spots on scrotum that are caused by genital warts or genital herpes infections normally exhibit a lot of pain, irritation, itchiness, and discomfort. These white spots on testicles sac could be in the form of hard lumps and in some instances they may be ulcerated and could have a tendency of spreading at rapid rates.

White Spots on Testicles Caused by Scrotal Cancer

Scrotal cancer is also known as testicular cancer or Cancer of the balls. This kind of cancer is the least common of all cancers. Scrotal cancer mostly affects males between the ages 15 to about 55 years.

Germ cells, which are the cells that the body uses to make sperms inside the testicles, happen to be the most affected and the infection of these cells leads to what is referred to as the germ cell testicular cancer.

Germ call testicular cancer is said to be accountable for about 96% of all testicular cancer cases around the world.

Some of the common symptoms that are associated with testicular cancer include the following:

  1. Testicular enlargement (in most cases one of the two).
  2. Pain in the scrotum that could spread all the way to the abdomen.
  3. Regular back pain.
  4. An abnormal heaviness in the scrotum due to the enlargement.
  5. An unexplained build-up of fluid in the scrotum.
  6. A hard lump could develop on one of the testicles and it could start off as a painless lump.

This condition is not common but should it be detected, then the treatment options will be dependent on the stage and type of cancer. The options available include radiation therapies, surgical operation procedures, chemotherapies, and in some cases stem cell transplants.

If you recognize that you have a hard painless lump developing on your scrotum, it is advisable to visit your urologist for evaluation as the case could possibly be a cancer of the scrotum infection.

White Spots on Scrotum sac Due to Folliculitis

Folliculitis is a condition whereby there is the inflammation of the hair follicles which is caused by a bacterial infection, a yeast infection or a fungus infection of the skin. Hair Follicles can be damaged by shaving, poor hair removal techniques (tweezing, waxing, chemical, etc), and wearing tight clothing that rubs the skin.

  • The latter can irritate the hair follicles and damage them. Make-ups, petroleum jellies, and sweat are also known to block the hair follicles which could lead to folliculitis. This condition is also common in people with diabetes and HIV/AIDS.

Folliculitis can form red pimples with hair at their centers which normally turn to a cream or a white pimple over time. This is due to the fact that their secretions turn into pus.

  • They are usually itchy spots and they give a burning sensation. These white spots on scrotum are likely to spread all the way to the stomach, the inner thighs, and the legs.

The white spots on scrotum sac that are caused by folliculitis mostly heal on their own in about two weeks but the healing process can still be sped up in several different ways.

  • One of the most applicable treatment options at home will be to apply warm saline compresses which will help to reduce the itching.

The other option is to exercise proper genital hygiene which also helps. However, should the symptoms persist, please seek medical advice.

White Spots on Balls Sac Caused By Jock Itch

Jock itch is a fungal infection of the skin. It is also referred to as Tinea Curis and is caused by mold-like fungi known as dermatophytes. This infection is also known to cause rashes which may appear as white spots on scrotum.

The spots caused by this infection are usually itchy and have a burning sensation. At its onset, the rash may appear red and the skin would start peeling off and have a scaly appearance.

Some of the symptoms that are associated with the jock itch include the following:

  1. The affected area may exhibit a reddened color.
  2. The scrotum may have a burning sensation.
  3. Rashes may appear around the genital area.

In most cases, the disease can be treated at home by use of anti-inflammatory creams. Hydrocortisone creams can worsen the condition and you are advised to avoid them by all means. The other options would be to wear loose clothing and also applying warm saline compresses to help relieve the itch.

Fordyce Spots on Scrotum Sac – Ball Sac

Fordyce spots are painless spots that could appear on the scrotal sac. The skin has the ability to produce oil (sebum) from the sebaceous glands. This sebum is what keeps the skin layer supple and smooth.

Picture of Fordyce Spots on Scrotum, Testicles, Balls Sac causing white spots on testicles

Picture of Fordyce Spots on Scrotum, Testicles, Balls Sac causing white spots on testicles

An overproduction of the sebum could lead to secretions that could end up forming white bumps or spots on the scrotal sac and they are normally concentrated in one area. Fordyce spots are not associated with any form of illness. They are also not harmful or contagious.

Fordyce spots are normal spots and do not require any form of treatment in order to clear. However, there are some treatment options that can eradicate the spots much faster. Some of those treatment options include:

  1. Electrodesiccation.
  2. Pulsed dye laser.
  • Micro-punch techniques.

In addition, you also need to note that when the sebaceous glands are blocked, sebaceous cysts can develop. The sebaceous cysts could also develop as a result of too much production of the male testosterone hormones as well.

”Fordyce spots in most cases are harmless and should not be painful. They appear as red or white pots on the outer layer of the scrotum skin as a result of enlarged sebaceous glands. Fordyce spots are also common on the penile head also known as the glans”

White Spots on Balls Sack Caused by Pilar Cysts

Pilar cysts are also known as epidermoid cysts. They are small lumps that appear on the surface of the skin and can also be found on the scrotal sac. Pilar cysts are non-cancerous and harmless, and most people would want to get rid of them mainly for cosmetic beauty and not for health or medical reasons.

At the initial stages, pilar cysts are usually mild and could worsen with time. They could fill up with pus and dead cells (keratin) and appear inflamed. The other possible symptoms in the severe cases would be an infection of the cyst, reddening of the affected area, and pain.

When punctured, the cyst leaves behind a horn-like protrusion which can be treated surgically by numbing the skin, puncturing the skin, and then pulling out the protrusion. This procedure should be done with the help of a specialized medical practitioner and should not be performed at home.

Molluscum Contagiosum

Molluscum contagiosum can be described as a common, harmless, and contagious disease of the skin that can be contracted by sharing towels and even having bodily contact with infected persons.

The most common signs of a Molluscum contagiosum infection are reddish bumps on the surface of the skin and are most common in people with weak immune systems or those infected with HIV/AIDS. The condition is highly contagious and it requires an immediate medical attention once spotted.

It is not advisable to treat the condition if it appears in children. This is because of the likely side effects that the treatment may have on children. In grown-ups, the treatment helps in several different ways.

These include avoiding the spread of the infection to other parts of the body and reduction of the chances of spreading it to other people. Treatment option include

  1. Scraping out the bumps in a process called curettage.
  2. Freezing the dots with liquid nitrogen in a process called cryosurgery.
  3. Laser rays surgery.
  4. Topical antiviral medication.
  5. Imiquimod (this is used to boost the immune system of the affected individual).

How to get rid of Small White Dots on Scrotum Sac Sac

For most people, the white spots that may appear on the testicle sac and around the penile shaft can be embarrassing and demoralizing which should not be the case. Most of the small bumps that appear on the scrotum are normal and harmless.

In most cases, they normally tend to resolve on their own without any medication. However, should the spots not resolve on their own, they could probably be a sign of an underlying medical complication which might need the services of a doctor check them out for proper and effective medication.

Treating and getting rid of the white spots on testicles sac are varied. The treatment options and procedures mainly involve treating the underlying causes. Some of the treatment options are further described in this article. Otherwise, some of the general treatment options include:

  1. The use of antibiotics to prevent infection.
  2. The use of corticosteroid injection for inflamed bumps.
  3. When the bumps are large and causing complications, surgical procedures may be carried out.

How to treat and Remove white spots on testicles sac

Treating the white spots is will depend on the causes of the problems. Some of the different ways of treating the white spots on the scrotal sac are described as follows:

1. Antibiotics use for the treatment of folliculitis

As earlier described, this bacterial infection can cause spots to appear on the skin around the testicles. The bumps on the testicles may be swollen and filled with pus which may discharge and cause irritation, discomfort, and a bad odor.

Antibiotics can be administered for the removal of the spots around the genitals and they could be either topically applicable creams or oral pellets.

2. Corticosteroid injections

Corticosteroid injections help in reducing bumps on the scrotal sac that are caused by cyst infections. These can help in reducing the inflammation and pain that is caused as a result of the cyst infection in the sebaceous glands.

3. Surgical Procedures as a way of removing the white spots on testiclessac

To begin with, these procedures are recommended to be done only by qualified doctors and professionals in the medical field. The surgical procedures will involve making small surgical incisions on the surface of the testicle sac where the spots are evident.

This will help to remove the pus, sebum, or any other fluid in the bump and the infected cyst is gently pulled out to prevent further infection.


Natural Home Remedies for Removing White Bumps on Scrotum Sac

Most of the white dots on the testicle sac have been found to be harmless, normal and always go away on their own, but unfortunately, some are caused by serious medical conditions and could be harmful, stubborn, and difficult to get rid of naturally without any form of treatment.

There are some home remedies that are available if you want to treat, clear, or even just soothe the skin testicles skin when faced with situations of these spots appearing on your scrotal sac. These include but are not limited to:

  1. Avoid scratching the spots at all costs.
  2. Putting on loose clothing. This will allow for the free flow of air which leaves a condition that may not favor fungal and bacterial growth.
  3. Maintaining a good hygiene by taking regular showers and ensuring that your genital area is dried properly.
  4. You could also apply antifungal powders that are found over-the-counter for fungal infections.
  5. Application of topical antibacterial solutions like Aloe Vera and apple cider vinegar. They have been proven to help in reducing the itching and inflammation caused by certain infections.
  6. Always ensure that you wash your underwear garments properly and hang them out in the sun to dry to avoid the chances of fungal growth.
  7. Ensure that you put on dry underwear and change them promptly after showers

White spots can appear on the scrotum in three different ways. They could either be hard spots, itchy spots, or even painful spots.

However, in most cases, all the three conditions tend to appear altogether in each infection. There are some cases that are exceptional though, in that, not all the spots have to be painful or even hard, but almost all of the white spots that appear on the testicle sac tend to itch.

Hard White Spots on Testicles Sac

Normally, white spots appearing on the scrotum are natural in most cases. The hard white spots can be caused by a number of factors and in most cases, they normally heal on their own.

Most of the hard bumps that appear on the scrotum, in some cases, could be as a result of cancer.  Most males are likely to develop hard bumps on their scrotum sac at different stages of their growth but the bumps need not to be ignored especially when they take a bit long to clear on their own.

This might be a sign of development of cancer. You, therefore, need to visit a medical doctor to examine if the bumps are cancerous and conduct a proper medical treatment. Fordyce spots, which are harmless and non-contagious spots, are also painless and not a reason for worry. However, it is more assuring to visit a medical doctor than trying to rely on self-diagnosis.

Itchy White Spots on Testicles or Ball sac

The white spots that appear on the testicle sac can be due to two factors which are; factors affecting the skin externally and those that affect the skin from underneath the skin.

The itchy spots could most likely be caused by STDs like herpes and genital warts, trauma caused by injuries, or even bacterial and/or fungal infections. They usually make the victim feel like scratching them all the time and can be a source of discomfort especially in the event of sweating.

Painful White Spots on Testicles Sac

Some of these white spots that appear on the testicle sac can be painful and discomforting. The pain can cause the victim to alter sitting positions severally. In some instances, the pain can also cause an interference with the victim’s mode of walking.


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