Rash Between The Breasts: Pimples, Small Bumps, Dark Spots, Treatment

Rash between the breasts can cause ugly dark spots on cleavage while healing. This is the last thing a woman wants to see. They may also look like small brown bumps or little red pimples between the breast. This can be itchy or not itchy rash depending on the cause. Breast fungus is a major cause of rash or itchy pimples between breast even in breastfeeding mothers. Let’s look at how to get rid of rash or small pimples between the breast fast using home remedies.

This condition prevents you from putting on clothes that would make you feel good about yourself. Rashes may sometimes turn red and start to swell depending on the cause of the problem. Pimples from the rash are sometimes filled with pus, a condition that shows that the skin is infected. Here is a picture of rash between the breasts;

How to get rid of itchy rash between the breasts, Picture

How to get rid of itchy rash between the breasts, Picture

According to Mayo Clinic, “you should not make an emergency visit to the doctor after finding out that you have breast rash. However, you may seek medical advice when home remedies have failed to make the situation better in one or two weeks, or when you experience severe symptoms of pain and sores.”

Symptoms Associated to Rashes between the Breast

Many people fail to notice the appearance of rashes between their breasts until the rashes become visible and start itching. The following are some of the symptoms that should help you identify whether you have spots on your chest.

Smelly under the breast or between the breast

The first symptom you may identify to having Rash between the breasts is the smell that comes from the area immediately every now and then. With such a condition, you may end up smelling yourself to find out whether other people have realized that you are smelly.

It is very traumatizing and stressful to feel that you smell from your breasts. You may need to consider identifying the reasons as to why you are producing the smell, and find out whether rashes have started appearing. For proper examination, you may consider using your mirror to find out whether the smell is associated with other symptoms that may prove that the skin between your breasts is infected.


Sometimes, the skin where the breasts come into contact with each other may start swelling and spots may start to appear. If a woman’s chest is swelling, it means that she does not have any form of comfort.

At this point, the sports may turn red, and sometimes darken as the situation becomes worse. Anyone with this symptom should consider finding an effective way to dealing with the problem and evaluating remedies effective in making the cleavage’s appearance look better.

Itchy Feeling

Feeling itchy a common symptom associated to any rash including rash between the breasts. This can make you feel worse about yourself more especially when you are in a public place. You really feel upset when you are constantly scratching your breasts as a result of rashes.

Burning Sensation

A burning sensation is a common symptom to heat rash on the woman’s chest. Can you imagine a burning feeing on one of the most sensitive areas on your body? Sometimes you may feel as though there is fire on the cleavage all because you did not take care of it as expected. The foreign pimples show that more care should be taken to minimize the burning feeling from the pimples.

If at any point you feel as though your chest is burning, take time to identify the reasons as to why this is happening and you may find that all you need is to find ways to remove the foreign elements from your cleavage.

Causes of Rash between the breasts

When the rashes fail to go away after two weeks or so, you should consult a doctor who would help you deal with the condition in the best way possible. Below are some factors that may cause rash or pimples between breast


The more you sweat the greater the possibility of having heat rashes between your breasts. The cleavage is an area on the body that is not really exposed to air especially when you have a bra on.

Sweating creates moisture that makes the breasts develop smelly and itchy rash on cleavage. Sometimes the rash may not be itchy, but whichever the case, there is need to ensure that you understand the cause of the rashes and take the necessary steps before making the situation worse.

You may find the appearance of these burns between the breasts more common during the summer periods. To avoid this, you may consider putting on lose clothes and minimize the times you put on a bra to ensure that you do not sweat so much.

Use Cotton to Absorb Moisture, Sweat Between Breast, Picture

Use Cotton to Absorb Moisture, Sweat Between Breast, Picture

Food Allergies

Some foods when consumed in excess by different kinds of people may cause breast rash. For instance, taking too much avocados and peanuts may make your breasts to start swelling. Even though you love these foods and would not fail to purchase then anytime you find that they are finished in the house, you should consider the effects that they bring to your skin.

Rashes from food allergies always disappear on their own after sometime. There is therefore no need to worry as long as you have identified the foods that cause the allergy and can avoid them as much as you can.


Some medication may contain substances that you have allergic reaction to in the past. If you notice a sudden appearance of small bumps, pimples or Rash between the breasts or any other part of the body when you start a medication, consult your doctor. They will check your immune system and the reaction and they will definitely have a solution.

Rash and pimples between breast when Breast feeding

Women who are breastfeeding are likely to experience burns on the cleavage because of the yeast from breast milk. When the rashes become extensive, a visit to the doctor would be a good way forward to dealing with the problem.

Unfitting Bras

Women in the young generation today are putting on push up bras more than the normal kinds of bras that separate the breasts. If you have big breasts you should consider avoiding the push up bras more often because friction on each other thus resulting to appearance of pimples between the breasts.


Fungal spores have been found to cause problems on the woman’s chest. In most cases, the fungal spores result from poor hygiene, meaning that the proper care is not taken on the breasts.

Women who put on bras more than one time without cleaning them are likely to have heat rashes between the breasts. The bras are exposed to sweating, and thus should be cleaned after putting them once to avoid heat rash.

Yeast Infection

Yeast infection is also called Candida infection and is a common cause of redness between the breasts. The infection appears mostly when the skin surfaces come into contact with each other. If not treated immediately, yeast infection can spread and affect a large part of the skin.

When the breast skins come into contact with each other for a long time, moisture is formed, that which makes it possible for yeast infection to occur. This can also cause yeast infection bumps. This can be small bumps that look like red or white pimples or Rash between the breasts

If you are used to putting on tight tops that bring your skin into contacts, you are likely to have an infection. A tight bra is therefore an exception to any female as this might disturb the normal nature of the breasts.

Friction and moisture on the breasts may result from a number of causes. People who are obese have excess weight and fats that makes some of the body parts to experience friction. In addition, such people sweat a lot and are at risk of getting rashes anytime.

In some people, moisture on the breasts may not be as a result of friction or sweating, but may result from immune system’s interference.

For instance, people with diabetes, those infected with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), and those under certain medications such as chemotherapy are likely to have moisturized skins.

With these kinds of people, examinations on the appearance of rashes on the skin should be properly done to enhance preventative measures before yeast infection occurs.

Scaling is a common characteristic among people with yeast infection. Red spots are also likely to appear, which in turn may turn to blisters if the situation becomes worse and not attended to.

If you have yeast infection on your cleavage, your skin is likely to breakdown as the pimples and blisters turn out to inflammation. With a burning sensation from the area, it becomes difficult to take in the itchiness and pain associated with the infection.

Rash between breast may also be as a result of cat hair as you pet it. However, this is only in a few cases for people who react to cat shedding.

How to Prevent Rash Between the Breasts

Having a sexy body is one of the aspects that make a woman feel confident about herself, and having the burns between the breasts makes them feel completely out of place and unsexy. Preventing this condition may also mean keeping your self-esteem in place in the modern day fashion and social trend.

1. Put on the Right Bra Size

Ensure that you put on the right size of bra to avoid having a cloth that will push your breasts together for a long time causing effects on the cleavage.

The right size of the bra will not only help in reducing burns on the sensitive area. It will also not around your ribcage, and thus chances of having rashes that tend to appear under the breasts will be minimized.

2. Focus on Your Hygiene

Hygiene involves a number of things including the manner in which you clean your body and the clothes that you put on.

  1. After having a sweaty day, ensure that you clean your body well to ensure that you eliminate all elements possible of causing rashes. Taking regular showers in a day especially during the hot seasons will not harm.
  2. Taking a warm shower with enhance proper cleaning of the cleavage as well as removal of the scaly skin that may have formed as a result of sweating or chaffing.
  3. It is also important to ensure that you use the right kind of soaps; in most cases you are encouraged to use anti-bacteria soaps. After having the shower, ensure that you dry the chest well with a towel that is sensitive to the area.
  4. This is a good way to making your body feel good and reducing any possible smells that could be caused by your sweaty activities.
  5. Cleaning your bra is another important step you should take to making sure that you avoid rashes between your breasts.

The best way to ensure that bras are cleaned and prevented from fungi is to use hot water while cleaning, and if possible add some vinegar on the water to kill the fungal spores

  • Bras should always be left to dry on direct sunlight. No woman wants to put on a dump bra anyway.

3. Apply Powder on the Pimples or Rash between the breasts

Most of the baby powder products may help you deal with the problem that is highly affecting your self-esteem.

Since moisture is a common cause of a scaly appearance between the breasts, it can be minimized by applying the powder and leaving it for some time to absorb the moisture.

You should include powder in your shopping list to prevent some of the skin disorders brought about by moisture. In this case, use the powder on your cleavage to ensure that it is always dry.

4. Stay in Air Conditioned Rooms

Always avoid humid environments and ensure that your house has an air conditioner. This will help prevent excessive sweating as well as prevent heat rash from affecting your cleavage.

In case of red burns on the chest area, the air conditioned room will help in relieving itchiness and make the environment cool for the burns as they will not be exposed to the sun.

5. If You Are Obese, Lose Weight

Obesity is a condition that makes one gain a lot of weight that brings about major challenges to the body and the skin. Losing weight is a good preventative strategy that would allow you to deal with a lot health problems associated weight gain.

When you lose weight, friction will reduce making the skin less sensitive. In this case, no bumps are likely to appear as well as rashes between the breasts.

Breast Cancer

Sometimes you may wonder whether a rash or pimples between breasts is a sign of you having breast cancer. Sometimes, if you feel that the rash is not normal and other symptoms are associated with its appearance, you may seek advice from your doctor and the dermatologist.

Breast cancer rarely leads to rashes between breasts, and the appearances of pimples on the woman’s chest do not translate to any sign of breast cancer.

In situations when you feel itchy pimples on your nipple, you should consider identifying the reasons why this is so. Specialists will be able to carry out examinations to determine whether you have breast cancer or not.

In case the cancer is detected early enough, treatment may help eliminate it from the body completely. In situations when the disease has spread within the body, examination should be done to determine its effects on other body organs.

Cold compress as a remedy for small pimples, rash between the breasts

Cold compress as a remedy for small pimples, rash between the breasts

How to Get Rid of Rash between the breasts using Home Remedies

Having a beautiful body with no marks or pimples will make you confident especially during the hot seasons when you want to go and when you want to relax your body.

Having rashes between your breasts may prevent you from enjoying these activities because you will not have the courage the put off your clothes when you have pimples all over your cleavage. The following are natural, safe and available home remedies that will help with the rashes between your breasts.

1. Use Cotton to Absorb Moisture

The mention of the word cotton brings to mind a substance that can absorb something. Using cotton to absorb moisture from the cleavage is a good home remedy that will prevent rashes from invading one of the most important parts of your body.

Rashes between the breasts may result from moisture that comes from sweating of the breasts. You can use cotton to make sure that the moisture does not make the situation worse.

  • Take a shower and make sure you dry your breasts
  • Put on a fitting bra
  • Take a small piece of cotton and place it between your breasts

2. Consider using Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains anti-fungal and anti-bacteria components that help relieve pain from the body. It is therefore a good remedy to reducing rash itch on the woman’s chest.

It is also greasy and thus is important in reducing friction between the breasts. Coconut oil is a good product that will help restore the skin to its smooth texture.

  • Take a warm shower and ensure that the skin is dried well
  • Apply coconut oil between the breasts where there are rashes
  • Allow the oil to be absorbed by the skin, this will take few minutes
  • Repeat the process twice or thrice a day until the rashes disappear.

3. Cold Compress

The importance of using cold compress as a remedy is to ensure that the heat between the breasts is minimized.

This method is very effective especially among women with large breasts and who have heat rashes. It makes the pain go away and also reduces the redness on the pimples and spots that may have formed as a result of heat. In order to make the area feel cool, you have to;

  • Put ice in a cotton cloth
  • Press the cloth on the affected area between the breasts
  • Continue doing this for about ten minutes
  • Repeat the process after some time.

Cold compress using skim-milk and cold water may also be used to help reduce itching and swelling on the cleavage.

4. Turmeric will also work perfectly

Turmeric is an anti-septic and an anti-bacteria product that will help you deal with the rashes between your breasts. Turmeric will also help in inflammation skin because it is anti-inflammatory in nature.

For you to get good results from the use of the product;

  • Wash the affected area and dry it using a towel
  • Mix turmeric with water or milk (Aloe Vera may also be used together with turmeric)
  • Apply the mixture on the cleavage
  • Leave it to work for about thirty minutes
  • Use warm or cold water to rinse it off

5. Apply Calamine Lotion as Well

Calamine lotion is an affordable product that can be used to improve the texture of the woman’s chest that has affected by rashes. The lotion has a cooling effect and enhances the healing process as well.

  • Take a shower and dry the affected area well to remove any traces of moisture
  • Pour some calamine lotion on cotton
  • Use the cotton to apply and spread the lotion on the female’s chest

Rash between the breasts Treatment

With the help of a pharmacist, you can get the right kind of cream to treat the area depending on how sensitive it is, as well as the symptoms. However, you may use over the counter creams but it is always highly advisable to consult a medical practitioner since some of those over the counter creams may react to your skin making the situation even worse.

  • Different creams may be used on different infections. Some creams may help you eliminate the redness on the cleavage, some reduce itchiness, and some help in relieving pain if you feel any.
  • Although you may insecure asking for these creams, it is good to be confident and open to make things work out better for your own benefit.
  • Despite using creams as healing agents to the rashes, you should understand that the cleavage is a very sensitive part, and some creams may cause the skin to become thin.

Dermatologists may advice the use of anti-fungal creams such as Clotrimazole and Nystatin to help treat yeast infection. This form of treatment is to be used for about three to four weeks for better results.

Administering Oral Drugs

Drug prescription is another form of treatment used to heal rashes between breasts. This form of treatment may require you to visit the doctor who will examine your condition and come up with the right prescription depending on the cause of the rashes appearance.

Fluconazole is an anti-fungal drug that would help in treating fungal spores and yeast infection between the breasts.

What to note when dealing with pimples, bumps or Rash between the breasts

Rash between the breasts is a common disorder among the women. The condition is nothing to worry about unless you have failed in efforts to make the rashes disappear.

Moisture is the common thing associated to pimples on the cleavage, and therefore every woman has a responsibility to ensure that she keeps the skin between her breasts dry.

Doing this will save a lot of people from this traumatizing and stressing disorder that makes them feel uncomfortable.


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  1. The simplest most effective solution for me was to wear a breast sling. I have had summer bouts with intertrigo for years, barely managing to keep it under control with medications. I bought a sling recently and relief was almost instantaneous! The area beneath my breasts stays dry and I no longer need for medications of any sort! For me, this has been miraculous.

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