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Yellow Nail Syndrome Causes: How to Get Rid of Yellow Nails, Treatment

Yellow nail syndrome is in some cases is also associated with sinus infections, as well as chronic bronchitis. However, this is not a common cause of yellow ...

Rash on Penis, Red, Itchy, Sore, Causes, How to Get Rid of Penile Rash at Home, Remedies, Cure

Rash on penis is always linked to sexually transmittedĀ diseases or Infections. Not all rash on the penis are caused by STDs or STIs. yeast infection can also ...

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  1. Don’t be shy, there are several people out there who those counselors meet and help everyday. Please just see one and get back the ability to control your life and stop masturbation

  2. Just give it time to heal. The best remedy for black eye is patience combined with any of the remedies listed above. Remember healing time will also depend on the type of skin you have.

  3. Hi blessings,
    Daily masturbation can cause open Sores and open lessons on the penis which can be very painful to treat. However, in case you usually have unprotected sex with your partner, you should have a doctor check the open sores before they are infected. This is very dangerous and we highly recommend that you see your doctor for diagnosis. The doctor will hep in looking at the exact cause and give you the best medication. Please do this ASAP since I BELIEVE YOU DON’T WANT TO LOOSE YOUR MANHOOD. The sooner you get it checked the better for you bro.

  4. Yes, Dangers of Masturbation are real and they have serious effects on health and relationships. In-fact research indicate that since the evolution and a growth in the porn industry, many couples have admitted that masturbation has caused them to break up and even file divorce. The worst BIT is that they are fine just because they do it to satisfy their sexual desires. BOTH MUSLIMS AND CHRISTIANS believe in Marriage and that is what God instructed us to do. Even those who don’t believe in religion still believe in the marriage institution. Even animals come together with the opposite sex to multiply and fill the earth. SO WHY SHOULD MAN DESTROY NATURE BY MASTURBATING??????

  5. Hi Joshua,

    First things first. Start by learning how to stop the masturbation habit.
    You can then Improve on your diet. Watch what you eat. A balanced diet will help you restore you natural look. This will restore your skin, and make you look good in the end.

  6. You will stop it if you are dedicated to it. It all feels good when you start but as time goes by, it becomes a problem. Self Discipline and dedication to wards stopping can help.

  7. That is so serious, i think you should look and talk to the hospital management about it. If possible follow it up with your insurance cover and give a feedback about what you went through. I wonder why they did that to you but thanks for sharing and i wish you all the best. Hope you will talk to the people in charge of that hospital do that they can help you get well.

  8. Hi Stephanie,
    Please try and see your doctor before you jump into conclusion that you have eczema in the pubic area.The discharge you describe to be sticky could effeminately not be sweat. Sounds like body fluids that are mixed with sweat that should be checked by a doctor right away. Please seek medical advice as soon as you can to avoid any further infections on the vaginal and pubic area

  9. You can STOP if you set your attitude right and work on it. It is difficult to stop at beginning but put a hood fight and u will sail through it. You may also consider indulging in other activities like watching a movie, calling a friend or listening to some music. The main idea is is to distract your mind from masturbation.Dangers of masturbation on your health are far much worse than the pleasure you gain from it. If any of those destructions doesn’t work for you, you may consider doing house hold chores like cleaning your room or something like that instead of masturbating. This will help you a lot to stop masturbation and focus on other things. Good luck with it and i hope and pray that you will manage to stop masturbation.