About Us


Our Approach

We put effort in publishing great articles through our able research team to provide you with the best and well researched results about health, life and social skills. 

Our Story

We started this during our field research and trips in the line of duty. If you can effort it, be happy. However,  we have to accept that billions of people out there are not able to find professionals or afford services that affect them directly. This people then come to the internet to get solutions for their problems. Good news is that healthmds.org team here for YOU.

Meet the Team

Our able team consists of qualified and experienced writers, authors and editors who strive to put the best information they find for you for you. Some of this information are researched out in the field and interviews have been done to get clear information for educational and sensitization purposes before they have been published.

Tima Felix Ngige – Author, Editor, Publisher

Felix Ngige

Felix .N. is a professional graphic designer with a Bachelor of Arts (Design) from The University of Nairobi (UON). Felix is now studying Medicine at  Jomo Kenyatta International University and is currently moving around the world to help in areas were vets are limited. He is also a Medical researcher and works with several health organisations as listed below when it comes to research and publishing.

He is also an Editor at:

  1. healthmds.org
  2. HealthClue.org
  3. lifecircle.me
  4. healthytreat.org
  5. beautyclue.com
  6. eczemarelief.org
  7. cureguide.org
  8. petnurse.org
  9. treatheal.org

Rennee Amondi with Saki: Author, Editor, Publisher

Hello, meet Rennee, an industrious, trainable and dedicated author, Editor with writing and editing skills for the past 10 years. I’m a Graduate in Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Physics from Egerton University. Later went to the INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY (IAT), graduated with a diploma in ICT management and successfully completed courses in:

  1. User Support Professional
  2. Network Support Specialist
  3. Web-design
  4. Net and Java Programming
Rennee Amondi with Saki: Author, Editor, Publisher

I love pets and I keep one….. Meet Saki…. I have kept Saki he is a part of me and he inspires me so much to write about pets. I got my sweet friend Saki from a remote area. since then I also know about the importance of Pet care and Treatment. I provide my research skills at healthmds.org and petnurse.org.