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Nose piercing scar in most cases is caused by infection, allergies, or when over production of scar tissue is experienced at the piercing spot. Here, we will look at nose piercing scar, bumps, pain, infections and how to get rid and care for the scar on your pierced nose.

After nose piercing, it is important to leave the piecing alone rather than mistaking the healing process for a scar. Remember, if you have more tissue damage during the healing process, you risk the chances of getting a scar on it.

Nose piercing scar
Nose piercing scar

During the healing process of a nose piercing the following may be experienced;

  1. Piercing pimples
  2. Discharge that may crust on the piercing or around the pierced area
  3. Swelling on the pierced area
  4. Redness on the piecing or areas around it
  5. Tingling itchy feeling that may be painful when touched

It is there for not advisable to easily mistake them for a scar possibility. In case of any doubts do not rush to remove the nose piercing jewelry but instead seek professional advice or consult a dermatologist.

Nose piercing bump

A bump may appear on the nose piercing a few days or a week after the piercing and may have a clear or a colored discharge. A bump may be infected or not infected depending on its nature or physical look.

A bump on the nose may be caused when;

  1. The nose jewelry or ring is removed before healing and inserted back
  2. When the jewelry on the nose piercing is knocked
  3. Infection on the surrounding tissues may also result to a pus filled bump
  4. A granuloma – a harmless body tissue growth formed over the piercing

    Nose piercing bumps may leave a bad scar when healing if not treated
    Nose piercing bumps may leave a bad scar when healing if not treated

Most bumps are characterized by a red look and appear raised right on the piercing. If left untreated, they may form ugly nose piercing scar and should be treated immediately they are noticed.

Infected bumps

Do not try draining Infected bumps as this may only contaminate it and turn it into a wound. An infected bump may have the following symptoms and should be given urgent medical tension;

  1. When bumps are filled with puss
  2. Infected bump looks like a red or pink pimple that is filled with fluid not necessarily pus
  3. Formation an abscess over the piercing

Keloid Scar from piercing

Let’s start by answering What is a keloid scar? – A keloid scar is a fibrous tissue known as scar tissue that is shiny, hard and raised above the wound. It consists of collagen and is caused from a scar tissue that has overgrown. It is characterized by an ugly dark layer on top a healing wound.

Keloid piercing is caused from a scar tissue that has overgrown
Keloid piercing is caused from a scar tissue that has overgrown

A keloid scar is not harmful to your health but their ugly nature on the skin is unpleasant. They can be removed by a dermatologist and in some cases, a keloid scar might keep on coming back even after the treatment. All this depends on an individual’s skin nature.

It is not advisable to treat keloids at home due to their nature of continuous overgrowing tissues. Seek medical diagnosis and treatment from a dermatologist. The treatments may involve;

  1. Surgery
  2. Pressure treatment
  3. Cortisone injections
  4. Laser treatments
  5. Cryotherapy

It is important to seek early treatment once keloids are suspected on a wound since it is the best way to get rid of them to avoid recurring of the tissue growth.

Causes of nose piercing scar

Nose piercing should always be done by a professional who is well informed on how to pierce the nose with latest clean and well maintained sterilized needles.

Nose piercing jewelry
Nose piercing jewelry

Nose piercing bumps should never be ignored because it may develop into a scar tissue. Avoid touching the jewelry or scratching on the piercing even if you get an itchy or tingling feeling on it.

1. Bacterial Infection or abscess

After the piercing, keeping the area clean is important since any infection will easily lead to a scar on it. Do not touch with dirty hands or a dirty towel after a shower.

Abscess are small like pimple that may appear on the piercing. Most of this result from unclean or exposing the fresh piecing to the sun or hot weather. This pimple can easily cause a scar on the piercing.

2. Nose piercing Jewelry Removal may result in a scar on piercing

Do not rush to remove the jewelry. This may cause infection or abscess on the nose piercing that will lead to a scar on it. Let the jewelry sit in until the piercing is totally healed if not sure, consult a professional.

3. Jewelry

In some cases, the type of jewelry used may cause an infection on the wound that may lead to a scar. It is important to avoid cheap or free jewelry that may cause infections and use;

  1. Quality niobium jewelry
  2. surgical stainless steel jewelry
  3. Titanium jewelry

    Nose piercing jewelry type
    Nose piercing jewelry type

4. Piercing Gun

Avoid using a piercing gun when getting your nose. This will really increase the chances of getting a badly scared nose piercing and infection on it. It is recommended that you seek a professional service and use a needle to pierce your nose manually.

On which side should I do my nose piercing?

Normally you can have a nose piercing on any side of your nose or even on both sides of your nose. You’re not just piercing your nose but you are definitely doing it for a reason.

Just choose the side that is best suitable and satisfies you and keep an open mind about it. This might depend on your hair style, or you may just be emulating your role model looks.

How to get rid of nose piercing scar and bumps

Naturally, any healing wound is known to scab from the discharge it produces then after some time it will leave a scar. This scars in most cases disappear or fade away over time under natural conditions and normal skin care with a good diet.

How to get rid of nose piercing scar and bumps
How to get rid of nose piercing scar and bumps

Below are a few ways on how to get rid of nose piercing scar that may be prescribed by a dermatologist;

1. Surgery

In surgery, the doctors will get rid of the scar tissues by extracting them from the nose. After the extraction, a skin graft is then fitted on the area depending on the size of the wound left from the surgery.

This procedure is successful but it is involving and might be expensive since it has to be done by highly trained and qualified doctors.

2. Pressure treatments

This means dressing the scar with a heavy dressing to prevent growth especially keloid growth. The dressing may be heavy bandaging or fine silicone sheets and are only changed by a dermatologist or a doctor.

This is mostly done after a surgery or laser removal of scars to keep them in check.

3. Microdermabrasion

This involves removal of the extra layers of the skin to a certain level by a dermatologist with the aim of reducing the scar visibility.

4. Laser

Nose piercing scar may be removed by laser or surgery
Nose piercing scar may be removed by laser or surgery

Lacer scar removal not only treats scars on the nose but it completely gets rid of the scar and bumps on the nose. This is a very expensive procedure but it is efficient if done by qualified doctors.

5. Cortisone injections

The is used to removed keloids and is done by injecting a steroid into the keloid tissues directly. Corticosteroid injection is aimed at reducing the growth rate of the tissues and it also helps in reducing inflammation of the keloids.

6. Silicone-based gel

Silicone reduces the thickness of a scar tissue and this helps to minimizes the appearance of the scar. This should be used after consulting a dermatologist or under a professional supervision.

7. Vitamin C and Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a good antioxidant that helps in renewing the skin cells quickly. This will make the nose piercing scar lighter and speed up its healing process. Natural home remedies like applying cucumber juice which contains vitamin E or Lemon Juice which is rich in vitamin C might work in clearing the scar.

8. Exfoliation

Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells form the skin layer. Exfoliating the nose piercing scar can help in brightening a dark colored scar. There are several ways of exfoliation the skin and This may also be done at home by using natural remedies like mashed pineapples or mashed apples.

Since scars are not standard, it is important to seek professional advice on which type of exfoliation to use on a nose scar to avoid any damage depending on the type of scar formed.

Nose piercing scar remedies and after care

Maintaining the piercing or piercing after care is one of the best ways to avoid scars. Keeping the piercing clean will avoid infections.

In case the piecing is done at home and it gets infected, you may seek the help of a dermatologist for treatment.

Below are a few remedies and how to care for nose piercing bumps. Avoiding infections or treating infections is key in avoiding nose piercing scar.

1. Antibacterial soap

Antibacterial soaps come in different forms and sometimes using random soaps on the piecing may irritate the fresh piercing. Try using mild antibacterial soaps when cleaning the scar to keep away scar that are related to infections.

2. Sea salt compress on nose piercing bumps

Use a clean piece of cotton wool to compress sea salt on the piercing
Use a clean piece of cotton wool to compress sea salt on the piercing

This is a good home remedy that helps in getting rid of infections and getting rid of bumps on and under nose piercing. Here is how to do it;

  1. Get some warm water and mix with sea salt
  2. Soak a clean towel in it and use it to compress directly on the bump
  3. Hold and gently compress for 7-8 minutes don’t overdo it
  4. Soak the entire nose for about 5 minutes. Repeat 3 times every day for better results

3. Aspirin

Aspirin contain anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing inflammation and is best used when the piercing is infected. It also reduces irritation on the piercing as it heals any infections on the piercing.

  1. Get a few pieces of aspirin and smash them to form a powder
  2. Add a little water to the powder to form a paste
  3. Use a clean piece of cotton wool to apply the paste on the piercing
  4. Repeat every night before bed for better results

4. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil will help in lightening the scar
Tea tree oil will help in lightening the scar

Tea tree oil will help in lightening the scar color and deal with any infection on the nose. However, it should not be used severally since it can cause the skin to dry and a dry skin can easily irritate the piercing and make it worse.

Tea tree oil should be used only once or a maximum of two times in a day. Below are a few simple steps on how to use it.

  1. Put a few drops of trees oil in a container and add any carrier oil
  2. You may use jojoba oil as your carrier oil in this case and mix it with the tree oil drops
  3. Use a clean piece of cotton wool to apply it on the pierced area
  4. Let it sit for some time before rinsing with clean warm water and keep it dry and clean
  5. Do it once but not more than two times in a day

5. Chamomile tea

This is a simple and readily available home remedy that can be used at home to keep away nose piercing scars. Try and use the bags while they are warm. The following steps might help;

  1. Put some hot water in a cup and dip some chamomile tea bags in it and let it settle
  2. Uses one bag at a time to compress on the bump
  3. When the bag cools as you compress, get another one and use it to compress on the piercing
  4. Compress for about 10 minutes
  5. Repeat three times a day for better results

7. Onion Extracts can help in getting rid of nose piercing scar

Onions can help in healing scars by generating damaged skin and can also have good relieving effect on skin related issues like surgery scars. Keloid scars and even stretch marks.

Onions can help in healing scars by generating damaged skin
Onions can help in healing scars by generating damaged skin

Here is how to make an onion extract and use it to heal scars at home.

  1. Get 10 grams of soap and mix with 3 prams of salt
  2. Slice an onion into small equal pieces
  3. Add the onions together with the soap and salt mixture in a container and mix
  4. Place the mixture in a water bath and leave for about 15 minutes
  5. Remove and immediately place in cold water and keep stirring for about 5 minutes
  6. Stop stirring and empty the stirred mixture in a blender then blend for 5 seconds
  7. Filter using a sieve and put the onion extract in a clean bowl

For best result in using this valuable extract,

  1. Use a clean cotton wool to apply the mixture on the scar
  2. Do this once a day
  3. Watch out for any skin reactions since some people are allergic to onion extracts.

8. Make up concealer

Some make ups may be used to cover the scar on nose as it heals naturally. This is a good option for individual who resort to letting the scar fade away with time. Use the make up concealer to hide the scar until it finally fades away on its own.

During this process you might consider using some of the above home remedies at night before bed to help in the fast healing of your nose piercing scar.

Here is a video with useful nose piercing information




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