Redness Around Nose, Causes, Symptoms, Treatments and Home Remedies

Redness around the nose occurs when arrears around and under the nose become red sometimes accompanied by small, itchy, burning and bumpy rushes. Red skin can also occur in other parts of the face like the mouth, cheeks, chin, eyes, eyebrows and forehead. This can be triggered either internally or externally and in most cases, should be cleared by simple home remedies. However, if redness around the nose or face persists, seek medical advice since it may be a symptom of a serious underlying problem.

Redness around the nose sometimes is associated with perioral dermatitis or periorificial dermatitis which is a facial rash that occurs around the nose or mouth and causes redness as one of its symptoms.

Redness around the nose or face in both babies and adults often results from small bumpy rushes that won’t go away and are itchy with a burning sensation. This may sometimes result to dry or flaky skin.

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Causes of redness around nose

Redness and Red Veins on nose
Redness and Red Veins on nose

Redness around nose, chin, cheek, and forehead in babies and adults may be caused by both external factors and internal factors.

1. Weather and allergy

Extreme weather condition like strong cold, winds and sunlight may dehydrate the skin leading to a red complexion.

Allergens from make ups or Concealers, reaction to chemicals, skin ointments among others may lead to physical skin irritation that may be itchy, resulting to redness on the nose, around the nose, chin and face.

2. Spices and Omega-6 fats

Excess spice on the food especially green or red chili may cause redness around nose and taking too much omega-6 fats in your diet can result to red skin.

3. Smoking and dry skin and flu

Cigarette Smoking may also result to redness around nose and chin in some cases. Dry skin conditions are caused failure of the skin to produce natural moisture on the skin commonly as a result of over washed face and hot weather conditions.

Dry nose resulting from bad Cold/flu may cause red nose on the nose and chin due to rubbing and irritation around the once and chin sometimes redness on the fore head may occur due to headaches as a result of the bad flu.

4. Rosacea

A skin condition or ailment that causes small red bumps around the nose. Rosacea may also cause redness on the cheeks, chin, forehead and neck. If left untreated, it may result in permanent red and inflamed skin if left untreated in its early stages.

Redness around nose
Rosacea on nose

5. Hormonal Imbalance

Redness and acne around the nose results from hormonal imbalances that cause the secretion of the sebaceous glands and fat skin. Hormonal imbalances mostly affects women during their menstrual cycle and menopause stages and gives hot flashes which causes skin redness as one of its symptoms.

6. Pregnancy and stress

Redness around or under the nose may occur in some pregnant women due to increased heart rate that is influenced by the baby pregnancy. Stress can also lead to temporary redness around the nose and cheeks on some individuals so it is best to avoid it.

7. Seborrheic dermatitis

Is a skin ailment that looks like eczema and skin redness is one of its major symptoms. Redness often occurs around the nose in people with severe seborrheic dermatitis and is always scaly in most cases.

8. Yeast Infections

This is a fungal infection also known as cutaneous candidiasis that causes red itchy rash on the skin and can affect any area of the body including the nose and face. Yeast infections are not contagious and are more common among diabetes and obese patients.

9. Candidiasis of the skin

Occurs when the candida fungi which lives on the skin begins to multiply uncontrollably. This causes intense skin rash that leads to skin redness. In some cases it may result to cracked, sore, blisters and pustules.

10. Nose Piercing and rings, studs.

When piercing is done on the nose with non-professionals, use of non-sterilized equipment may be involved and this can cause serious skin reactions and bacterial infections on the nose that may spread around the nose causing redness. Rings and studs should also be well sterilized and kept clean.

11. Rhinoplasty

This is a procedure that is done to reshape the nose and restoring defective nose functions. It is also known as nose job and the nose may be left with a visible redness after the procedure.

12. Red Veins and Perioral dermatitis  

This may make the nose appear red and is also known as spider veins, they are caused by poor blood circulation, poor diet, weak blood vessels, smoking, and excessive intake of alcohol. Perioral dermatitis. This is a skin condition that leads to redness around the nose, mouth, and chin.

Related symptoms

  1. Excessive blushing after exposure to extreme weather conditions
  2. Small red bumps appearing around nose and mouth, cheeks, chin or forehead
  3. Burning and irritating feel around the nose that gives a stingy itchy reaction
  4. Irritating and itchy rushes that makes one scratch resulting to red skin.
  5. Red veins visible on arrears around the nose
  6. Nasal Congestion leads to frequent rubbing of the nose thus resulting to redness
  7. Frontal Headache resulting to stress and fatigue
  8. Acne or pimples that turn red
  9. Abnormal breathing sounds
  10. Peripheral edema
  11. Black heads comes as a result of healing red pimples
  12. Nose bleeding gives a straining effect giving the nose a red look
  13. Hormonal imbalance which influences both redness and acne around the nose
  14. Dry skin around the nose

    Dry skin around the nose
    Dry skin around the nose

Home remedies of redness around the nose

Redness around or under the nose, chin, cheek, forehead is not always considered to be alarming and normally clears away on its own or by just simple home remedies but in some cases, it can result as a symptom of a serious ailment or condition that might be hidden in the body. It is advisable that if simple redness around the nose home remedies don’t work, seek immediate medical advice.

1.  Diet and exercises

Eating moisturizing foods like celery, coconut, apple, celery, cucumber, melon, peach, papaya can be of great help inclusive of greens like spinach can also add value. Avoid food with lots of spice, hot temperature drinks, alcohol among others.

Eating cucumber not only clears redness around the nose but on the face in general as well. Simply grate a cucumber and use the grated slices to mask your face for some time. For better cooling effects, put the grated paces in a fridge and use when cool.

Regular exercise helps in relieving red nose by improving blood circulation which helps a lot in reducing the red veins visibility.

2. Apple cider vinegar

Contains antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties making it a safe natural remedy for treating redness around the nose and face. It also clears the skin and improves overall skin complexion.

3. Avocado face mask

Avocado face mask remedy
Avocado face mask remedy

It is one of the safest natural remedies for redness around the nose and face since it cleanses the face without any form of chemicals involved. It penetrated the skin and gets rid of dead skin with its retinol, amino acids and glutamine contents.

4. Almond Oil

Contains anti-oxidants that protects against oxidative damage and also helps in adding glow to the skin in babies. It is used in healing redness around the nose since it improves skin completion from discoloration to normal skin color.

5. Colloidal Oatmeal

Apart from its great moisturizing effect, it absorbs oil and can also tone down acne which is also results to redness around the nose. It is also known as pulverized oats.

6. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice contain natural bleaching agents and when the Lemmon is extracted and mixed with a bit of water, it can greatly help in getting rid of redness around the nose and on the face. This should be used regularly for best results.

7. Fish Oil and Manuka honey

Fish oil does not only reduce inflammation but also helps in clearing redness on the skin. Manuka Honey is rich in antioxidants and is a good anti-inflammatory remedy and its antibacterial effects has a lot of benefits to the skin in case of any bacterial infections.

8. Vitamin A

Sweet potatoes, leafy green vegetables and liver are some of the best natural sources of vitamin a and their intake is highly recommended during treatment of redness around the nose and face or any other part of the body.

Treatment of redness around the nose

When redness around the nose or face area does not clear with simple home remedies, it is advisable to seek medical advice for diagnosis which simply involves simple examination of the skin to correctly evaluate the exact underlying problem. Antibiotics or other advanced treatments are then prescribed based on the medical findings.

Redness on nose
Redness on the nose and around the nose

1. Sclerotherapy

This is a dermatological procedure that eliminates blood vessels that easily cause constant redness through injection.

2. Laser dermatology

In this case, laser dermatological procedure is used to eliminate the blood vessels that keep causing red nose.

3. Anti-redness Serum with caffeine

Helps a lot in getting rid of facial redness on the skin by shrinking blood cells and can be comfortably used to cure redness around or under the nose by gently rubbing it on the affected area.

4. Omega -3 fats  

Increased amount of omega-3 in diet can help a lot with the healing of redness around the nose and face in general

5. Klairs rich moist soothing mask sheet  

This is made of 100% pure cotton and contains half a bottle of rich moisturizing essence which is absorbed better and faster when compared to the use of bare hands in application. During extreme hot weather or summer, put the Klairs moist soothing mask sheet in the fridge for 3-5 minutes before using it to for fast and better sunburn and skin redness conditions.

6. Antibiotics

Antibiotics such as tetracycline, doxycycline, or minocycline can be prescribed for several weeks depending on the doctor’s evaluation of the facial or nose redness and rash. Oral tetracycline, topical pimecrolimus and erythromycin can be very efficient in cases of zero therapy.

7. Gentle face wash  

A mild gentle face wash formulated for sensitive skin is appropriate during redness on the skin treatment due to its neutral state of less chemical components that may react to the sensitive affected areas.

8. Supplemental Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a very essential element in treating redness and pimples. It is often used in most skin care products for the same purpose. Taking supplemental vitamin A to fade red skin should be done under close doctors’ supervision. This is to ensure you take the correct dosage. If taken in excess, it may cause liver damage or result in birth defects and complications during pregnancy.

Best creams, gels and lotions for redness around the nose

Always seek medical advice before using any medication since some creams and gels may cause serious side effects in different patients thus a qualified doctor is needed to verify the contents before applied.

  • Anti-Redness BB cream – This is popularly known for neutralizing the look of redness. It evens the skin tone, hydrates and harmonizes the redness with the rest of the skin and is available for all skin tones.
  • FAB anti-redness serum – can be used on any redness on the face regardless of the source.
  • Eucerin lotion – Helps in relieving and soothing visibly red skin and effectively cleanses it leaving a balanced moist skin without irritation.
  • Retin A cream – Commonly used to improve the appearance and texture of the skin
  • Stievamycin cream -is known for fading hyper-pigmentation and should be used strictly under a qualified doctor’s prescription.
  • K Plus Red – X cream (skin and lab product) – Removes redness since it contains vitamin k ingredients that bind the capillaries and veins in the skin tissue. It also helps in clearing black circles which come as a result of the healing rashes.
  • Cetaphil lotion – Helps in softening the resulting dry skin from red rashes and small bumps and relives scabbing and the burning sensations.

Below is a video that covers more on general skin redness that is rly handy and helpful. It also covers on how to use makes ups to cover up redness as you manage them.




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